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Whether you’re doing a deep spring clean or sprucing things up, cleaning the windows shouldn’t be overlooked when cleaning your home.

I always find that when I clean mine, my home feels that little bit brighter, as the sunshine doesn’t have any dirt to compete with. Basically, cleaning your windows will make the whole room shimmer. Plus, it’s such an easy task to do, that should take no longer than 10 minutes per window.

If you don't have any window cleaner, fear not. I’ve got homemade window solutions aplenty, people. This guide includes the best one, plus alternatives in case you don’t have the ingredients or want to try something else.

Each of these also includes items that you should already have in your cabinets, so you won’t need to go out and get anything (I hate leaving the house too, DW).

Your windows are going to look so sparkly after trying these…

Homemade window cleaning solutions that you should def try out

There are three methods listed here, including the very best IMO. I've explained why they’re so amaze, what ingredients you’ll need, and how you can make and use them.

What is the best homemade window cleaning solution?

The best option for making your windows shine has to be vinegar and water. Distilled vinegar (FYI: Heinz’s from Amazon is our fave here at Real Homes) is just incredible for home cleaning. Its natural acidity flushes away any nasty grime and germs.

How to clean your windows with vinegar and water

To make this window cleaning solution, first fill an empty spray bottle (like this Amazon’s Choice one) halfway with vinegar. Then, fill the bottle with warm water, close the lid, and shake to mix together.

From here, spray the windows with the solution, wipe around with a sponge, and leave for a couple of minutes. You can then use a squeegee to get any extra solution off, before wiping down with a dry microfiber cloth to get rid of any streaks.

Top tip: If you don’t want your room to smell like vinegar afterwards (let’s face it, it doesn’t smell of roses), add ten drops of any essential oil to the mixture for a lovely scent. 

Other homemade window cleaning solutions

If you’re out of vinegar or not a fan of the scent, these two solutions are also easy and effective. 

How to clean your windows with dish soap and water

I know that you have dish soap around (Method’s is my go-to and you can buy it from Amazon in bulk). But did you know that it can be used around the house for cleaning? It’s antibacterial and obliterates stains, even when diluted with water, so it makes sense to use it on other household items as well as dishes.

To clean your windows with it, first put a couple of drops of dish soap into your spray bottle. Then, fill the rest with water and close the bottle. Give it a little shake, but not too much as you don’t want it to be too bubbly.

Following the same steps as the vinegar solution method, spritz the window, wash the solution around with a sponge, then use a squeegee (BTW, this is Amazon’s bestselling squeegee) to remove any excess. Dry it off with a microfiber cloth, and you’re done.

Top tip: Be careful not to use too much dish soap, as this can make your windows streaky and sticky. 

How to clean your windows with lemon juice and water

One of the best household cleaning products is probs living in your fruit bowl. Yes, say hello to the lemon. Lemons and lemon juice can be used around the house for a variety of different things. The acidity makes it a cleaning dream, just like vinegar, and it has a gorgeous zesty scent, too. For cleaning the windows, you’ll just need the juice, along with some water.

To do this, pour two tablespoons of lemon juice (this can either be fresh or pre-packaged) into your trusty spray bottle, before topping the rest up with water.

Same as before, shut the lid, give it all a shake, and head to your window for cleaning time. Spritz the window, wipe around, squeegee from top to bottom, and then dry the window for a streak-free finish.

Top tip: If you are using a fresh lemon, strain it before putting it in the spray bottle, as you don’t want lemon pulp on your windows.

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