How to set up a home cinema

Home cinemas are a great way to immerse yourself into your favourite films in the comfort of your own home. This style of room has become increasingly popular as more and more homeowners are enjoying the cinema experience just by staying at home. Creating this room within your interior design is very simple by following a few steps. It does not matter on your room size or budget, it is very possible to create bespoke home cinemas that follow all of your requirements.

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Home cinema or entertainment room?


Home cinemas and Entertainment rooms can be quite similar although there are differences between the two. A home cinema is dedicated to the film viewing experience, usually including a large flat screen and surround sound. Home cinemas also focus on more bespoke cinema seating, mood lighting and technology. Whereas an entertainment room is much more flexible, focusing on gaming and creating a more social setting.


Entertainment rooms or media rooms, more often than not, will include a large flat-screen TV with various games consoles, comfortable seating and maybe even a bar.


How to plan a home cinema


Home cinemas can be created by renovating an existing living space, converting the garage or by extending the home. When planning this space you may want to use a professional who will be able to help you at the very early stages of the project or you can undertake the project as a self-build or remodel. It is best to start planning very early as this will allow you to figure out where all wiring and infrastructure will need to be.


Once your wiring has been considered, you may then want to think about the flooring and wall coverings before you make your furniture choice.


Cost breakdown


Most home cinemas will be custom designed for the client and required space. The overall cost will depend on the features, the performance level of your equipment and how it will be integrated into your home as well as furnishings.


Acoustic panelling for soundproofing: Starting price of £170 per square metre.

Furniture: Varies from £3,800 to £11,800 depending on the space and seating requirements.

Equipment packages: Starting price of around £10,000 to £38,000 depending on room size and the sound quality and visual requirements.


How to plan an entertainment room


Entertainment or media rooms are multifunctional living spaces and are used as a social space within the home. This living space is a lot more versatile as you have more furniture options available as well as any other items you find suitable.


Integrated bars, pool tables and other games consoles are quite popular for these spaces, allowing you to relax and socialise throughout the day. Audio and visual systems can be similar to those used in home cinemas but they do not need to be as high-spec.


Cost breakdown


For media or entertainment rooms you may be more likely to spend less money on the sound and visual equipment used for the space and spend more on the furniture and games consoles involved.


Games consoles: From £250 but there are cheaper alternatives available.

Games tables: Pool tables can cost from around £400 for a 6ft pool table. Football tables can start from around £299.

Furniture: One of the best-suited items of furniture for this space would be a reclining armchair, these can start from around £800.