How to tile walls and floors

We've pooled all of our expert tiling advice and videos so that you can confidently tackle this job at home on a DIY basis

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Home renovations can be an expensive business, so anything you can do yourself is going to mean more money saved on labour to spend on materials. Most competent DIYers can take on a tiling job, so if you are attempting to tile for the first time, read our advice from experienced renovator Sian Astley, and watch our how to videos.

Remember, like any DIY task, preparation is key for a good result.

What equipment do I need?

Any tiler will tell you that using the correct equipment will make the job a lot easier. The essential tiling toolkit includes:

  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Tile cutter or jigsaw
  • Tile file
  • Adhesive trowel
  • Sealant gun
  • Grout spreader
  • Tile spacer
  • Grout
  • Adhesive
  • Tiles

How many tiles do I need?

To calculate the approximate number of tiles you will need, measure the length of the area you’re planning to tile and divide that by the length of each tile; then do the same with the width. Round up both of these numbers and multiply them together to give you the amount of tiles needed. Include extra tiles to account for breakages.