How to organize bathroom drawers — 4 easy steps to streamlined storage

Expert-approved hacks for making the most of your drawer space

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Knowing how to organize bathroom drawers effectively is vital for maximizing every inch available, especially when storage space is at a premium.

Whether your drawers are packed with skincare products, bath bombs, or clutter you haven’t been able to face, our experts have four simple steps to help you shift unnecessary items and reclaim wasted bathroom space.

Complete with how to select the right drawer organizers to declutter a bathroom, our four-step guide is your ticket to streamlined storage.

How to organize bathroom drawers like a pro

Naturally, you want to make the most of the drawer space you have, but knowing how to do that isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem. Our professional organizers have shared their best tips for organizing a small bathroom and transforming it into a more functional space. 

1. Declutter each drawer

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Start with deciding what to get rid of, advises professional organizer Kim Correy

Kim recommends decluttering each bathroom drawer individually, and says, “Work on one drawer at a time and sort items into categories, such as shower and bath products, cleaning products, and so on.” 

Next, decide what to keep, looking at each category and the items within it. Items with regular use can stay, whilst those which aren't are should head to the trash. A good litmus test to apply is whether or not you've used an item in the last six months. If not, be bold and throw it in the trash. 

Kim Correy
Kim Correy

Kim Correy is a professional organizer for Finely Sorted Organizing, providing a mindful, fun, virtual service. She is a member of The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and helps clients ease the anxiety of feeling frozen and immobilized by the things around them.

2. Assign items

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Once you know which items you’re keeping, decide on which bathroom storage ideas are best for your space.

Kim says, “Assign a new home for each category and item, being mindful to keep it closest to where it is most often used.” 

When choosing what to put in each drawer, she also recommends using a "what makes sense approach". If, for example, it doesn’t make sense to store your spare toilet rolls in the drawer closet to the toilet because it's too shallow, swap things around. 

Assign items to spaces where they fit and are easy to access, boosting function - a vital resource in bathrooms.

3. Use drawer dividers

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Interior designer, Alex Robinson says, “To keep your bathroom drawers well-organized, use drawer divider systems (such as these expandable bamboo drawer dividers from Amazon). 

“These nifty organizers are a practical and budget-friendly solution to keep various items neatly separated and within easy reach.”

She explains with these sorts of dividers (such as easy to set up bamboo dividers from Amazon with inserts and labels) in place, it’s easy to create efficient designated spaces for different products and overall, a much more ordered space. 

When selecting drawer organizers (such as a set of acrylic drawer organizers in various sizes from Amazon ), both our experts recommend customizable designs, or ones  made specifically for a certain drawer type.

These shallow sliding drawer bins from Wayfair are made for taking advantage of drawers with healthy vertical height, whilst these foldable drawer organizers from Bed, Bath and Beyond are suitable for taking advantage of the whole depth in one go.

Alex Robinson
Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson is an interior designer and firmly believes her passion for getting to know clients, combined with meticulous attention to detail, empowers her to craft designs that authentically reflect clients’ personalities. She pays particular attention to space planning and function, making her organization skills top tier.

4. Opt for stackable storage

An image of a bathroom drawer open by a sink with storage trays and products neatly organized

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“Additional bathroom storage solutions such as stackable containers (consider sets such as a 10-piece acrylic stackable set from Amazon) or trays (such as these mountable drawers from Wayfair) are another great solution for keeping deeper bathroom drawers or cabinets neat,” explains Alex. 

“Stackable containers (such as these stackable drawer organizers from Amazon) provide a versatile way to store smaller items, maximizing the drawer space efficiently.”

Pull-out trays can be a game-changer for deeper drawers, making it easy to access items stored at the back without any fuss or the need to tip everything out. 

The key to organized bathroom drawers is effectively implementing the right storage solutions. Alex says, “By combining drawer dividers, stackable containers, and pull-out trays, you can create a customized and well-organized bathroom space that suits your specific needs and style.”

Now that you know how to organize your bathroom drawers, take some time to declutter the bathroom as a next step and watch your bathroom functionality soar.

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