How to make a DIY kitchen wall organiser

This practical-yet-stylish wall organiser will put an end to kitchen chaos once and for all

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This handy kitchen storage solution includes a blackboard with hooks, a shelf for storing things on and a built-in pinboard. It might look impressive, but it’s actually simple to make yourself. The experts at Bosch explain how to make it in five steps.

You will need

Bosch tools for kitchen storage organiser

1. Plan out your wall organiser

Have the MDF board and laminated wood cut to size in your DIY store. Mark a line on the MDF board where the shelf is to be fixed, leaving enough room for the weekly shopping list above it. Mark three drill holes for wood screws on the line you have drawn, two that are 5cm from each end of the board and one in the middle. Midway between the drill hole marks make two more marks for the wooden plugs. Then transfer these marks to the edge of the laminated wood.

make marks for plugs and screws for kitchen organiser

Tip: Work precisely because otherwise the plugs won’t fit! To ensure that the marks for the wood screws can be seen on the back, use a thin drill bit – 1 to 2mm – and drill through the MDF board.

2. Drill the holes

Now drill the holes for the two wood plugs in both the MDF board and the laminated wood, using the Bosch Uneo Maxx cordless rotary hammer. Use a drill bit with a diameter 1 to 2mm less than the size of the plug. It is important not to drill right through the board and that the plug is fixed correctly.

drilling holes for wood screws with Bosch drill

Tip: Tape the drill bit about half the length of the plug, in this case 4.0 to 4.5mm, and then drill no further than this mark.

3. Paint with blackboard paint

Before you join the shelf and wall board together, apply blackboard paint to the board and let it dry – this will then provide a surface to write any shopping or to-do lists on.

painting the wood with blackboard paint

4. Add shelves and hooks

Insert the wooden plugs with a little glue into the pre-drilled holes on the shelf, run a little glue along the edge, and then push the shelf into the plug holes on the wall board. Provide further support to the shelf by screwing three wood screws into it from behind, using the tiny holes described in step 1 as your guide. Then, use screws to attach three hooks to the lower part of the wall board, which you can use to hang kitchen essentials on, such as tea towels, aprons and shopping bags.

inserting plugs and glueing the shelf

5. Glue on a pinboard 

All that remains is to glue the cork pinboard onto the organiser with the Bosch GluePen and then to fix the finished kitchen organiser to the wall with wall plugs and screws.

glueing on the cork board for a kitchen organiser

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