How to clean a glass table — make yours sparkle in 4 simple steps

Once you learn how to clean a glass table, your dining table will be streak-free and ready for hosting

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Knowing how to clean a glass table is crucial if you want to make the most of your living or dining room centerpiece, and wow your guests for all the right reasons.

Drink spills, stubborn food stains and smeared glass are all-too-common in this busy areas so we asked asked cleaning experts for their tips, In this guide, they reveal the four simple steps to get glass tables gleaming, and the best products to use, including homemade solutions from items likely already in your kitchen cabinets.

When it comes to cleaning your home, the coffee or dining table is usually a great place to start — and maintain daily. 

How to clean a glass table like a pro

From dusting to buffing, our experts will guide you through the process, including the best cleaning supplies to use, and how to apply them for maximum impact.

Where our cleaning pros have recommended products, we've sourced high-quality items from trusted retailers.

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1. Clear the space

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Before embarking on your glass table-cleansing quest, ensure the item is free of clutter. Remove everything from the table surface, including cups, coasters, candles and any other obstacles that may impede your efforts. 

This allows for unobstructed access to every inch of glass, ensuring no stain, smudge or streak escapes your handiwork.

2. Get rid of dust

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Like a silent invader, dust can settle upon your glass table, dulling its shine and obscuring its brilliance. 

Arm yourself with a soft, lint-free cloth (the Made By Design Microfiber Dust Cloths from Target work a charm) and gently swipe away any dust or debris that has taken refuge on the surface. 

Vanessa Bossart, owner of GreenTerra Cleaning, says, "This preliminary step is often overlooked, but ensures a clean canvas on which to work your cleansing magic.

"By removing loose dust and debris, you can prevent scratches during the wet cleaning process."

Vanessa Bossart, founder of GreenTerra Cleaning, profile photo
Vanessa Bossart

Vanessa Bossart is founder of GreenTerra Cleaning, which has made more than 28,000 American homes sparkle and aims to redefine cleanliness as the cornerstone of healthy, sustainable living. With 18 years’ experience in the cleaning industry, Vanessa is passionate about promoting eco-friendly cleaning practices that improve the health of her clients and the planet.

3. Spray and scrub

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With the table free of dust, it's time to unleash the cleansing power of your chosen cleaning solution. 

For homemade one, mix equal parts distilled water and white vinegar (we like Heinz All Natural Distilled White Vinegar from Amazon) in a spray bottle (the Mainstays Spray Bottle from Walmart is great value and a useful item to clean around the house).

Vanessa says, "This mixture not only cuts through dirt and fingerprints but also ensures a streak-free finish, crucial for glass surfaces. If the vinegar smell is a concern, adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil can provide a pleasant aroma."

If you'd rather a specially-formulated glass-cleaning spray, our experts recommend Windex Glass & Window Cleaner from Amazon and Method's Mint Glass Cleaner, also Amazon, for a fresh smell and lasting shine.

Spritz your solution onto the glass surface, being careful not to oversaturate as excess moisture can lead to streaks or potentially damage the table's frame. 

Vanessa adds, "Here's where the secret comes into play: use a clean, lint-free microfiber cloth to wipe the table. Microfiber is designed to lift and trap dirt and grime without leaving streaks, making it the ideal tool for cleaning glass. Wipe in a circular motion, focusing on any spots or marks until they are completely removed."

For high-quality cloths, try Everspring's Multi-Surface Microfiber Cleaning Cloths from Target or these lint-free Tutuviw Glass Cleaning Cloths from Walmart.

4. Buff to brilliance

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Having banished the stains and smudges from your glass table, it's time to elevate its brilliance to new heights. Just like when cleaning windows, it's worth an extra bit of effort to leave the glass sparkling.

Grab a dry microfiber cloth (try the E-Cloth Window Cleaning Microfiber Cloth Set from Target) and with swift yet gentle motions, buff the glass surface to a dazzling shine. 

Karina Toner, of Spekless Cleaning, adds, "This step is critical for removing any remaining streaks or water spots, as well as gaining that extra shine. Watch out for harsh abrasives or scrubbing pads that can scratch the glass surface. It's best to use gentle cleaning tools and materials to preserve the glass's appearance."

Karina recommends a lint-free, microfiber cloth to avoid leaving lint or fibers on the glass. For an extra shine boost, try the newspaper trick. Crumple up a sheet of newspaper and use it to buff the glass surface. The ink acts as a gentle abrasive, leaving behind a streak-free finish that sparkles. 

Profile photo of Karina Toner, operations manager at Spekless Cleaning
Karina Toner

Karina Toner is operations manager at Spekless Cleaning, which prides itself on exceptional cleaning, professionalism and client satisfaction. With over a decade of hands-on experience in the cleaning industry, Karina specializes in providing expert, tailored advice for clients on natural cleaning methods that prioritize both effectiveness and sustainability.

And there you have it — four simple steps to a shimmering glass table. 

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