This budget diffuser on Amazon will make your home oh-so-fresh (no wonder over 20,000 shoppers scooped it up last month)

We've got our eyes on this diffuser on Amazon that's beautiful, budget-friendly, and on sale

We love this diffuser on Amazon. Here is the curved white essential oil diffuser with a warm brown base and white remote in a light yellow circle on a yellow and purple gradient background
(Image credit: ASAKUKI / Future PLC)

A budget essential oil diffuser on Amazon snapped up by 20,000 customers in the last month alone could be the perfect solution if your home needs a freshen up. It has over 42,000 five-star reviews, with shoppers loving how long it lasts, its fun color options, and how quiet it is to run. 

We've asked a fragrance expert why the $25 ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser on Amazon in particular is a fab find, and why diffusers are useful to have. We know how much you love options, so we've also rounded up essential oil diffusers we have used ourselves, for a few tried and tested Real Homes team favorites. 

When choosing the best home fragrances for your place, picking a low-maintenance option like this essential oil diffuser is a great way to ensure a continuous lovely scent all the time. 

Shop the ASAKUKI essential oil diffuser

A curved white essential oil diffuser with a warm brown base and white remote on a yellow and purple gradient background

(Image credit: ASAKUKI / Future PLC)

When shopping for the best essential oil diffusers, finding one that offers a ton of functionality is always useful. The ASAKUKI has so many different features that are wow-worthy — even more so because of the $25.99 price tag.

“The ASAKUKI diffuser’s ultrasonic technology means it disperses scent without heat, which can help maintain the integrity of the essential oils’ benefits and more efficient for aromatherapy purposes,” explains Roxie Lubanovic, fragrance expert and co-founder of Frostbeard Studio.

She continues, “From my experience, products that offer adjustable settings for mist output can cater to large rooms as well as more confined spaces, making them versatile additions to any home.”

Roxie adds that the humidifying function is particularly beneficial during dryer months, which can increase the comfort levels in your home. If you suffer from dry skin, the ASAKUKI diffuser could be a real game-changer.

ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser | Was $35.99 Now $25.99 at Amazon

ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser | Was $35.99 Now $25.99 at Amazon

Size (in.): H4.76 x W6.61 x L6.61
Made from: Polypropylene
Timer settings: 3

This budget-friendly diffuser has over 42,000 five-star ratings, and it's easy to see why. It has a large 500ml water tank that's a breeze to clean, 7 LED light settings, and a helpful remote that can cycle through lighting and mist settings. It's also made from BPA free plastic, meaning it's safe for any pets or children you have in the home. We also love the Scandi-style design, which will fit seamlessly into any interior.

Why essential oil diffusers are useful buys

A white essential oil diffuser with must coming out of it on a dark wooden table next to a white mattress

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Wondering why an electric diffuser is a great choice? While similar to reed diffusers, these fill the space better and can helpfully be turned on or off.

“Using diffusers, particularly in a home setting, offers a continuous and consistent scent release which can help in creating a calm, inviting, and personalized space,” Roxie explains. “This is key in interior design, as the aroma is often considered the invisible part of a room’s ambiance."

If you’re looking for delicious essential oils to start off with, the Lagunamoon Essential Oil set from Amazon has six different scents, is made from plant-powered ingredients, and has 123,000 five-star reviews.

Roxie also says that, unlike the best candles, a diffuser like the ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser can be left unattended and provides a safer alternative for scent diffusion over long periods, which is a big plus for busy households and a clear bonus for diffusers in the candles vs. diffusers debate.

Essential oil diffusers we've tested

For those who love the idea of this but want something a little more luxe, these diffusers that we've reviewed ourselves are all brilliant options.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article 

The ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser is currently on sale but we don’t know how long this discount will be available for so grab it quick to lock in the current price to help create a soothing scented space to relax in your home. 

“Incorporating elements like a quality diffuser not only improves the physical space but the overall sensory experience, which is fundamental in effective interior design,” Roxie finishes by saying.

Bringing in diffusers is also one of the key things people with nice-smelling small spaces always do. Our editor had great success resolving smells in her bathrooms with the battery-free Small Spaces air freshener.

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