10 bedroom organization mistakes that are wrecking the vibes in your space

...And how to actually fix them

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It's no secret that organizing a bedroom is so tough. Why? For the simple fact that some of us may have a very small bedroom, too large of a bedroom, or no bedroom at all (looking at you, studio apartment dwellers). At times, we may want to keep items we don’t need in our bedrooms due to sentimental value or just simply over-decorate them with trendy picks we added to cart during a late-night online shopping sesh. None of this is very helpful when you're trying to make the most of bedroom organization tips and get your ish together. 

With all of this in mind, professional organizer and Reset Your Nest’s regional manager for the DC/Virginia region Eve Mitchell provided us with common bedroom organization mistakes and simple solutions that’ll make your organizing process much more seamless.

1. Using the wrong storage products

Without the correct products to organize your belongings, the space can feel cluttered and overwhelming. If the item is the wrong size and doesn’t hold the things it's meant to then it's not serving you or the space! Measure and make sure you buy the correct sizes of organizational tools to fit your bedroom and its items.


Matching products such as baskets or bins in your bedroom closet will be more aesthetically pleasing and help minimize the visual clutter.

2. Not having a functional system in place

You need to make sure that your organizational system is functional for you. If it's not, then you won’t use it and then you will be right back where you started. Take the time to decide what will work best and go from there. An example would be having a lot of handbags or belts that tend to just get thrown around. 


Look into a storage system that will help you to organize these items effectively, such as an over-the-door system or product that can hang in your closet. Whatever it is, just make sure it's going to work best for you and your lifestyle.

3. Keeping clothing you don't wear

Having a closet full of clothes that you no longer wear is just taking up valuable space. Each season, you should declutter your closet and pick out items you didn’t wear. For instance, at the end of summer grab all the shorts, dresses, and tank tops that didn't make an appearance and decide whether those items are worth keeping or if it's time to move on.


A “one in/one out” system can work great. If you bring a new clothing item into your closet, then look for an item you no longer wear and remove it from your clothing collection.

4. Having too much stuff

This should be an easy one to tackle but it’s sometimes the hardest. It can be difficult to let go of items that hold sentimental value to you. Perhaps you feel that you spent money on a cute pair of shoes and you need to keep it even if you're literally never going to wear them.


Look around your bedroom and decide how you want it to make you feel. If your room is feeling chaotic and cluttered, clean out items such as extra furniture you don’t use or knick-knacks on your dresser. Once you do so, check if those changes help bring a better sense of calm.

5. Not using the full potential of your space

Finding ways to use your space effectively is an important part of organizing. In your bedroom, you will want to make sure that you have identified the areas that you can use to organize your items and keep them tucked away out of sight.  


For instance, under-bed storage containers are a great way to make the most of a typically unused space. It's perfect for seasonal clothes like sweaters and keeps valuable closet space available.

6. Making piles

Making a pile thinking you will get back to it is probably one of the biggest bedroom organizing mistakes! Maybe you have a basket that you dump items into that needs to be put away at a later time. You think that by keeping piled contained in a basket, you are keeping your bedroom organized. But without a true purpose, you are just going to have a growing pile of clutter.  


Have a designated space for each item. Make sure you put the item in its purposeful spot the first time. Then you don’t need to add that extra step to your day! 

7. Owning waaaay too many throw pillows and blankets

We all love a beautifully made bed with lots of pillows and fluffy blankets…but how often are you making your bed using all of those? Or are they all in piles on the floor by the bed just getting in the way? 


Utilize a basket for unused blankets to keep them contained. You could also use a small bedroom bench or trunk with a lid where you can store blankets and add the pillows to the top to keep them up off the floor each night. Do an audit and make sure you actually want and need them all, too.

8. Not having a designated spot for dirty laundry

Not having a hamper or basket in a designated spot in your bedroom or closet will lead to clothes being left in piles in your room. Keeping dirty laundry contained is key to having an organized space. It's also a smart way to keep track of what needs to get washed every week. You don't want Monday to roll around only to find your favorite 'fits are crumpled up somewhere on the floor.


You can use a container that matches your room’s style or even a simple tall plastic hamper that you could tuck into your closet. If you're overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothes, it might be worth decluttering them.

9. Not having a functional nightstand

A nightstand can be a big source of clutter in a bedroom. Many items can land there, for instance, a water bottle, books, medicine, reading glasses, and others. This leads to visual clutter and takes away from a restful space.  


Make sure to have a quality nightstand with a drawer. Add drawer organizers to fit your small items where you can easily grab them and put them away from your bedside. Use a basket at the bottom of the stand to hold books and larger items.

10. Not making the most of small storage products

Some of the most common areas for clutter in your bedroom will be tabletop spaces, like a dresser or desk. If you don’t have smaller storage products, your items will pile up and get lost. 


For a dresser, try small trays containing bottles of perfume. Add jewelry storage such as acrylic boxes with drawers to keep your items put away and clean. On a desk, add a desk organizer to keep pens and books as well as important papers out of the way.

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