This storage bench is the secret to turning my living room into a home gym

This storage bench is the secret to turning my living room into an at-home gym

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This time last year, I officially moved into my first New York City apartment, and I thought I'd hit the jackpot. In simple terms, I found what other New Yorkers deem a 'unicorn apartment.' It was within my price range and it was a one-bedroom (Can you say: "No roommates!"). I won the lottery (or at least, that's what I thought). Fast-forward a year later, and amid a global pandemic? I'm not as convinced. 

When you're living, working, and working out in your apartment —all day, every day —things can start to get a little claustrophobic. There are only so many wall shelves one person can build to help with storage issues before you begin to think: "What other storage ideas are out there?" And, when I did just that? I turned to Amazon — and it guided me to this storage bench

The Christopher Knight Home Hayes Armed Fabric Storage Bench is a complete gamechanger for my decor and my storage situation. Why? Let's start with function.

This bench is essential when maximizing my minimal space. The "firm but padded" seat flips upwards and stays in place (thanks to it's attached pressure hinges). Inside, you'll find not only a black velvet fabric — that reviewers deemed "stunning"— but also more than enough room to store anything from seasonal accessories to "pillows and blankets," as another reviewer suggested. Or, if you're like me? It's my secret weapon to successfully hiding my gym equipment. I can seamlessly store a handful of dumbbells and free weights, without anyone ever noticing. Plus, I can use it as a spot for bench-press exercises and tricep dips. Who would have thought one storage bench could transform my living room into my at-home gym? Not me, that's for sure! 

Now, let's get to the style.

Traditionally, teal wouldn't rank high on my go-list when furniture shopping, however, in this case? This risk paid off. I found myself appreciating how bold the color was without being too bold; I stepped outside my comfort zone without ever questioning if the tone was too outlandish or over-the-top for my current muted decor. 

The teal — which is more of a bridge between Robin Blue Egg and green — appeared classic, but lacked that 'boring' feeling that's often associated with traditional pieces. I thoroughly enjoyed how this vibrant piece pulled together my white walls and wooden floors and I continued to be captivated when further inspecting the design. 

Christopher Knight Home Hayes Armed Fabric Storage Bench l Now $172.99 at Amazon! 

Are you looking to make the most out of a small space? Use this storage bench for optimal space-saving This teal treasure focuses on a convertible seat pad and pressure hinges to easily rotate the top upwards. From here, users can (see and) use it's hidden storage space to hide everything from winter accessories to dumbbells, without anyone ever knowing. View Deal

I'm someone who gravitates to furniture that's velvet or tufted. This upholstery material? It never ranked high on my list — until now. Within seconds, I was pleasantly surprised. This "soft fabric" — as one reviewer noted — now ranks higher on my list than it did before. It was just as "pleasantly soft," as many shoppers deemed it to be, and I agree that it looked so "high-end." Plus, it measured in at 19.75D x 50W, which was the perfect size for someone like myself. 

This teal treasure was supreme when I had guests over. Due to the larger size, I could substitute big, bulky armchairs and instead could have them sit on top of the bench. It was the ultimate win-win!  One reviewer, says it's the "perfect window seat to read on," and I can't help but agree. The two rolled out arms on the side would look sensational next to an overfilled bookcase! 

I could write a novel on why this storage bench is such a gamechanger, but for the sake of time, why not try it first-hand? Ringing in at just $172.99, it's the piece worth every penny. 

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