These Primark Home small space ideas will solve all your tiny room woes

Thanks Primark Home for the inspo...

Primark home bedroom with pink walls, botanical leaf bed linen and a wooden side table with plant pots
(Image credit: Primark)

Everyone loves Primark Home. It's cheap, it's stylish and, well... those are the two most important things, no? So, we were scrolling through their gorgeous Instagram looking for inspiration (shhh that counts as work) and we found this really cool video showing you how you can style a small bedroom in different ways with pieces from Primark Home! Genius! Small space dweller life saver!

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Verrry clever Primark Home. We like. We like a lot. We harp on so much about how something as simple as switching out your bedding or changing your throw cushions can really change the vibe of a small bedroom, and look here is the evidence! Primark bedding is also really affordable so you don't need to break the bank buying a few different sets to change your room's look.

We've gone on about the space changing abilities of house plants too and Primark have loads of really realistic faux ones in stock if your fingers are more plant-murderous than green. And we think Primark Home has also proven that even small storage solutions like baskets and magazine racks are perfect for reducing clutter in small bedrooms, plus they are super stylish.

Thanks for the inspiration Primark! More of this please. 

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Hebe Hatton
Hebe Hatton

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