Shade sails: 5 ways to stylishly shade your garden

Shade sails are massively in at the moment, so we have rounded up the best ways to style them...

Garden white sail shades and John Lewis garden furniture
(Image credit: John Lewis)

Shade sails are looking to be the 'in' thing this summer. They create that kind of beach club vibe, and since none of us are going to a beach club any time soon, it's understandable why we want to recreate that feeling at home.

So we have rounded up 5 ways to use shade sails and other...shade making furnishings to create a cool, shady area of your garden, where you can sip on Aperol spritz and maybe even listen to that Ibiza playlist from back in the day... we know you have one! For more of the best garden furniture head to our buying guide. 

1. Shade your patio with a shade sail 

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Best thing about shade sails? They are SO affordable! You can pick one up for under £30 quid. Wayfair have loads of great options in plenty of colours and shapes so you will definitely find one over there to suit your garden. 

2. Go for a classic parasol 

John Lewis garden furniture

(Image credit: John Lewis )

Obviously, a parasol is a classic way to create a lovely shady area in your garden. We have rounded up the best parasols in our buying guide, but we would like to give a special mention to the John Lewis Tokyo Parasol. It definitely has a Japanese vibe (hence the name) and just looks really delicate and detailed for a parasol – a lovely unique design. 

3. And add fairy lights in your parasol for cosy evenings

Lights4fun lit up garden.

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

And in the evenings, string up the fairy lights and use your parasol to create a lovely sparkling canopy. Get some lanterns too and even a fire pit, throw down some cushions and there you have an outdoor living room that's perfect for summer evenings. 

4. Pop up a gazebo for al fresco dining

Cuckcooland gazebo

(Image credit: Cuckcooland)

Adding a gazebo to your garden is more of a permanent version of a shade sail, but they are a great addition if you like eating meals outside in the summer. There are so many different styles out there at a huge range of budgets, you can pick one up for under 100 quid (just check out this one from The Range). 

5. Create a veranda with a pergola for a Mediterranean feel

John Lewis garden furniture

(Image credit: John Lewis )

Adding a pergola to your garden sounds like it would be a really expensive addition, but you can find them to suit all budgets. Just check out the selection on Wayfair where prices start from just £125. Pop your garden furniture underneath and get some climbing plants growing around it to create a lovely shady spot in your garden.

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