Pre-order the Aldi playhouse NOW! Can't get it? We've got more great buys...

This budget Aldi playhouse is the perfect lockdown must-have to keep your children active, entertained and outside – and your spend low

ALDI playhouse and climbing frame
(Image credit: ALDI)

Yes! The Aldi playhouse has hit the shops – and can be pre-ordered now. It's an absolute lockdown/summer must-have. To your child, a playhouse/climbing frame like this may be a princess castle or a dragon-ravaged kingdom, but for any exhausted parents out there, it is also might give you a break so you can relax!

We've reviewed the best climbing frames you can buy this summer (to suit all ages and budgets) – and while the Aldi playhouse isn't as sturdy as those on our list, it IS a great budget buy you'll want to get your hands on. But be quick – it'll sell out fast. If it does? We've got plenty of alternatives, below.

Aldi playhouse

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Lola Houlton
Lola Houlton

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