NHS staff? Get 40% off a new Simba Hybrid mattress – spread the word

If you're an NHS staff member, now is your chance to get some well deserved rest and save £££s on a top-rated mattress. Here's how to claim the discount...

NHS staff - Simba mattress
(Image credit: Simba)

If you, or know someone who, is a member of the NHS staff team then you can get 40 per cent off a Simba mattress, AKA one of the best mattresses you can buy. It's a small token to thank you for all the hard work you're doing, not just during the COVID-19 outbreak, but every single day. 

We're big fans of the Simba mattress here at Real Homes (tried it, tested it, LOVED it). Another thing we're big fans of? Getting a great night's sleep. And discounts. While we're sure you guys get home from being on your feet all day and just want to snooze, why not do so on the most comfortable base around? You may as well – since prices are this cheap. Usually, one of these great mattresses would start from £549, but, for you, it's around £329.40. And while you're there; why not pop some bedding and pillows into your basket, too? This discount is all YOURS to do with it as you need.

Take advantage of this discount while you can. Don't worry if you can't do so right away, though, as this Simba mattress deal is live until Wednesday 30th September. Just pop back here for instructions.

40% off mattresses for NHS and private healthcare workers
In order to claim this discount, you'll need to access Health Service Discounts and find the discount code. Then, you can click through to Simba here, add what you want to your basket and pop in the code for a discount. Easy!View Deal

“COVID-19 has hit the nation hard, putting those working in healthcare under unprecedented strain. Sleep is the absolute foundation for physical and mental health and recovery, making it very important for those working on the frontline to get the best quality sleep they can."

Simba CEO, Steve Reid

Not a NHS worker but want a discount on a Simba mattress?

Mattress offer | 30% off mattresses at Simba
If you're looking for a new mattress, you can bag a dreamy 30 per cent off the Hybrid and Hybrid Pro mattress right now. Prices start from just £398.30, instead of £569. Applies to orders over £300. Discount automatically applied. View Deal

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