Feng Shui consultant warns these two house plants are giving your space bad vibes

There are good and bad Feng Shui plants out there, reconsider keeping these two types in your home if you want good vibes only.

House plants grouped
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House plants, never a negative word about them. These natural home accessories work overtime boosting our home's aesthetic and our well-being, while some are so good at cleansing the air from pollutants that they could even compete with your best air purifiers...

It's a love-love relationship, or so we thought, until Feng Shui expert, Clara Leung, of @claragreenhouse (opens in new tab)  told us otherwise.

Which house plants bring bad feng shui?

If you're hot on Feng Shui in your home then you'll know that the best indoor plants can play an important part in keeping anxiety levels down and increasing general serenity in your surroundings, especially in sleeping spaces. But Leung notes how not all plants can have such a positive impact:

'One of the biggest causes of bad feng shui in gardening comes from spiky and sad-looking plants. I suggest you get rid of them ASAP; luckily, it’s pretty easy to rehome plants using Facebook Marketplace and other resale platforms.'

So, an important factor is to stay on top of house plant care but these are the two house plants to actually avoid if you want good Feng Shui at home: 'While they might look cute, try to avoid cacti. They are very spiky and represent your difficult life.'

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Additionally, Golden Pothos are easy to care for and popular air-purifying plants, however, Leung advises against keeping them if you want to give off happy vibes in your home.

'Also, try to avoid Golden Pothos because she represents a sign that you are having a depressing life. Removing these plants is highly recommended if you have them.'

Good feng shui plants

So if you're a cacti fan or have had your Golden Pothos since forever, what can you do?

Aside from selling them on, if you are convinced that they could be badly affecting your bedroom Feng Shui or another place in your home, Leung reassures us that there are some house plants that can actually help clear the air and restore your home's happiness.

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'To clean up bad energy caused by bad feng shui houseplants, I recommend first getting snake plants and scindapsus exotica pothos before getting any more plants.' It's super easy to pick up snake plants on Etsy (opens in new tab) nowadays, or you could look even more locally on Facebook Marketplace.

House plants Scindapsus

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Snake plants, also known as Sansevieria, are very instagrammable and easy house plants to keep so this is good news. Unsurprisingly they are one of the most popular US house plants. And, for those keen on keeping air pollutant levels down, choosing the Scindapsus Excotice Pothos – the silver pothos variety you can find on Etsy (opens in new tab) too – more commonly known as a philodendron, is a very wise move.

Mini Monsteras – also known as rapid-growing houseplants – are also a great choice.

For extra good vibes and to enjoy all the benefits of house plants, be sure to keep yours healthy and happy by grouping them together.

Camille Dubuis-Welch
Camille Dubuis-Welch

Camille is Deputy Editor of Realhomes.com and joined in January 2020. Her love of interior design stemmed from a childhood spent dreaming up weird and wonderful ways to renovate her grandma’s house in France – a greenhouse roof was involved – and it was spending time around very good-looking house plants and in a hardworking kitchen garden that gave her a green thumb. When Camille isn’t sipping coffee and/or writing, she is seeking out cool new Facebook Marketplace finds or tapping into her other creative outlets: painting and clay throwing. She currently rents in North London with her French cat and two others, and hopes to one day renovate the most sustainable house of dreams, somewhere marvellously sunny with a wild, lavish garden and chickens, of course.