Editor's picks: the 9 best items to add to your shopping cart this week

Editor's Picks: US Shopping Editor, Brittany Romano, rounds up her 9 #BrittanysBestBuys for this week

Editor's Picks
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If there's ever a time to treat yourself to new things, it's the start of a New Year. A brand-new year equates to a fresh start— and seeing as we're almost two weeks into this blank slate? Now is the perfect time to treat yourself.

See, January is already off to a rocky start; there are travel bans, social distancing, and new restrictions coming down daily (or so it seems), and sometimes all we need to lift our spirits is a good investment piece. And, what's a better investment than ourselves? If you ask me, absolutely nothing, which is why I took the liberty to go all-in on me this new year. 

This week, my Editor's Picks — or #BrittanysBestBuys — was all about taking the steps to my highest self and all the products I'll need to get there. We're talking about an at-home squat machine to keep my fitness resolutions in check, as well as new skincare products to keep my complexion clean and clear, and most importantly: fresh thank you notes! (I'm known for my handwritten thank you notes to anyone and everyone). 

Ah yes, this week was all about tying up loose ends and adding order back into my life, and the organizational hacks I'll need to do so. And, if you're wondering what products received my stamp-of-approval? There's no need to wait. 

Continue scrolling to see my top nine Editor's Picks from this week, that I'm deeming #BrittanysBestBuys. 

1. This at-home squat machine

Editor's Picks

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Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer l Was $129, Now $94.53, at Amazon

It's true: I have already declared my affection for this at-home squat machine in a full-length article, but what I didn't do? Is also inform you that it's the perfect dupe for the DB Method — aka The Kardashian-approved at-home workout machine. 

For just under-$100, this machine offers the same full-body workout and adds in resistance bands (which the higher-priced model doesn't!). 

Oh, and if you don't believe me? This machine has over 14,500 reviews who can't get enough of it, so I rest my case. However, one important thing to note if you do invest: look up the YouTube video to avoid the crocodile fest I endured last night setting it up. The instructions do not do this bike any justice! 

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2. This chic candle

Editor's Picks

(Image credit: Diptyque)

Limited-Edition Fig Tree Candle for $74, at Diptyque 

It's no secret, my love, for candles is borderline obsessive, and when you factor in my slight hoarding problem, it's a recipe for disaster, or at least the very least, sure to cause some space issues. Here: this limited-edition candle not only offered an emblematic scent but when you factor in the concentric shapes on the exterior —offering a hypnotic visual and sensory experience — as well as the flickering flame? 

Not only did it become the undisputed winner amongst my many (many) other candles in my cabinet, but it doubled as the perfect hypnotic home decor too. View Deal

3. This skincare savior

Editor's Picks

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Murad Hydration Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for $75, at Sephora

Seemingly, our government is not the only thing in desperate need of repair right about now, so is our skin. With Mother Nature throwing us one curveball after another (weather-wise), one day my skin is dry and the next it's oily, and the rest of the time? My skin is confused — or it was until this skincare savior came into my life. 

This clinically-proven face moisturizer worked miracles; it penetrated deep within my skin to lock optimal moisture in and delivered instant comfort in return. And, the only thing better than how super-hydrating my skin looked and felt? Was that this anti-aging formula was lightweight and above all: non-greasy. 

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4. This signature stationary

Editor's Picks

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Personalized Stationery Set (10 Count) l Was $9.99, Now $9.39, at Amazon

The first thing anyone who knows me will tell you: I'm all about the personal touch, which is why the second thing they'd say would be, I am all about handwritten thank you notes. To the point, you'll find this signature 'B' stationary on my desk or in my purse at any given moment, and how couldn't it be?

 The single monogram is both subtle yet sweet, and the gold-encrusted envelopes add a sophisticated touch. In fact, my adoration for this set runs so deep that last Christmas, I gifted the 'H' set to my former beauty director (and I'm almost certain she loved it!).  View Deal

5. This manicure must-have

Editor's Picks

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Beurer 14-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Nail Drill Kit l Was $79.99, Now $41.93, at Amazon

Every single year my New Year's resolution is the same: to learn how to give my nails the perfect at-home manicure, and without fail, even year I fall short. However, this year, I have no choice but to succeed since I'm not 100% comfortable heading into a nail salon just yet, and the way to do that? 

Enter: this manicure must-have

Here, this all-inclusive tool provides 14 different pieces to do everything from filing to buffing your nails, and the best part? If you're also like me and trying to Marie Kondo your bathroom, you'll absolutely love how sleek and compact this device is. Your perfect manicure is just one tool away. View Deal

6. This haute hamper

Editor's Picks

(Image credit: Amazon)

Simple Houseware Foldable Closet Laundry for $16.87, at Amazon

A sentence I thought I'd never write: I found the trendiest hamper, and I can't get enough of it, but alas, here we are! 2021 is really turning into something else, isn't it? Nevertheless, (and all jokes aside) this hamper is an actual Godsend.

 As someone short on space, I loved how this hamper was large enough to hold weeks of dirty clothes while remaining small enough to fit into any crevice or corner in my bedroom. Plus, the foldable feature is pure gold too. 

View Deal

7. This mattress protector

Editor's Picks

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Vekkia Queen Size Mattress Protector Waterproof Cover for $17.99, at Amazon

True story: somewhere around midnight last night, I went down the Amazon rabbit hole and found myself overnighting not only two bottles of Lysol but this mattress protector, too. 

The reason? It's simple really, how could I spend so much money investing in one of the best mattresses and best mattress toppers and not take those purchases more seriously. It's imperative to protect my investment, and in this case, do so, quite literally. View Deal

8. This blowout essential

Editor's Picks

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Revlon Perfect Style Ion + Ceramic for $6.99, at Amazon

The key to a successful blowout? Well, aside from the best hairdryer, it undoubtedly is an equally exceptional round brush, and this one reigns supreme in my book. The comfortable grip handle is easy to use and doesn't wear over time, whereas the rounded bristled retain moisture and reduce frizz. So much so, this has been my go-to for years. 

 View Deal

9. This perfect pullover

Editor's Picks

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Chaser Cashmere Fleece Raglan Pullover Stripe Detail for $84, at Zappos

Naturally, I've saved the best for last: this cashmere pullover, which is also by far the most important purchase I've made in a while. After spending months at home, quarantine has made me re-think my wardrobe, and as a result, I've done a total overhaul of my closet. 

These days, it's all about comfortable pieces that are pretty enough for Google calls but practical enough to lounge around all day, which is why this cashmere pullover is the one piece I'm wearing on repeat. The material is luxurious enough where I still put it together, whereas the oversized fit keeps me comfortable all day long.View Deal

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