The best bedroom rugs

Complete your bedroom with a cosy rug that looks stylish and feels soft on your toes

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Pretty much any room in the house can be accessorised with a rug, but the bedroom can benefit from a rug in a number of ways. If you have wood flooring, then a nice big fluffy rug will be able to create that cosy atmosphere a bedroom is supposed to have, and, in addition to looking good, will help keep your room warm and absorb sound. 

There are a number of different sizes and styles of rug to suit your needs and different bedroom styles, and depending on the look you’re going for, we have picked out a range of different bedroom rugs for you to choose from. If your room is fairly neutral and you’re looking to add definition, a bright and bold block colour is a great way to add a splash of colour, as well as create a focal point for the bedroom. 

Look out for the right texture to create the atmosphere you want. Soft and fluffy fur gives a luxurious and comfy feel, whereas thinner, patterned rugs offer a more traditional or rustic feel and can also give the illusion of more space in small bedrooms.

Whichever texture takes your fancy, the main thing to get right is the size. Go too small and it looks out of place and awkward; go too big and it takes over the entire room. Think about where you want to place your rug and what you want it to do – larger rugs work better underneath a bed to create a focal point, whereas small rugs work well at the foot or the side of the bed as something to step on to when you wake up. 

For more bedroom ideas and ways to style your new bedroom rug, head to our gallery. 

1. John Lewis Sheepskin Rug Quad

A traditional soft sheepskin rug for giving your feet a treat

Best for: Luxury feel
Dimensions: W115cm x L180cm
Material: 100% sheepskin
Cleaning: Dry clean only
Reasons to buy
+ Can be used as a throw  + Super-soft 
Reasons to avoid
- Not vegan friendly  

This classic sheepskin rug is a timeless addition to any bedroom and will warm up even the coldest of rooms.  This is the best bedroom rug for adding a soft landing for your feet by the side of the bed, or to place under or over furniture as a statement piece of furniture. It comes in three colours; ivory, mocha and grey, to cater to your bedroom’s style, and some owners even use this rug as a throw for their sofas to add extra cushioning. It is a good quality rug which is reflected in the price, but customers say it is well worth the money as the white is clean and bright unlike cheaper, yellower alternatives.  

2. Dexter Large Rug

A vegan-friendly alternative to the sheep-skin rug

Best for: Cosiness
Dimensions: W160cm x L230cm
Material: 100% polyester
Cleaning: Dry clean only
Reasons to buy
+ Cruelty-free + Super fluffy 
Reasons to avoid
- Cream can get dirty easily 

If you want the luxury feel of the sheepskin rug but don’t want real animal fur, then this synthetic rug is the perfect fluffy alternative. It’s just as cosy as the sheepskin, with thick pile that makes it ideal for comfort on bare feet. It’s a decent size that would look equally as good underneath furniture as it would as a central feature. The cream colour could get dirty quickly, but as it is designed for areas with little traffic, you should find that this rug remains looking clean, fluffy and fresh for a long time.  

3. ROSKILDE Rug, flatwoven

A great asymmetrical piece for placing underneath your bed

Best for: Anchoring bedroom furniture
Dimensions: W200cm x L500cm
Material: Flatwoven
Cleaning: Wipe clean
Reasons to buy
+ Light and airy+ Stable  
Reasons to avoid
- Not very 'cosy' 

If you’re looking for a bedroom rug that will define your space, this flatwoven rug is a great choice to anchor furniture such as your bed, while giving the illusion of more space with the asymmetrical pattern. This rug is quite lightweight and is designed for easy cleaning so you can simply lift it up or pull it out in order to vacuum underneath your furniture. It would look best with hardwood flooring to soften the atmosphere and although it’s not as cosy as some rugs in terms of softness, it creates a layered effect which still adds warmth and depth to the room.  

4. StarBright Yellow Area Rug

A bright and zesty yellow rug to add a little sunshine to your life

Best for: Bold and bright
Dimensions: W150cm x L210cm
Material: Synthetic
Cleaning: Hand wash
Reasons to buy
+ Bold pattern + Soft but firm 
Reasons to avoid
- A little bright for waking up to 

Morning people will love how this bright yellow rug brightens up a room, but if you’re not a fan of getting up in the morning, this bedroom rug might be a little too loud for you. If you do want to add a splash of colour to a neutral décor, then this large rug is soft but firm and would work well as a central feature or underneath furniture for a subtler look. Users say they wish it was a little fluffier, but that overall it’s a good quality rug that doesn’t lose its shape or texture over time. The pattern is also a great way to give the illusion of more space in small bedooms when placed slightly underneath the bed.  

5. John Lewis Holm Rug

A vibrant geometric print to liven up your bedroom

Best for: Retro style
Dimensions: L180cm x W120cm
Material: 80% wool, 20% cotton
Cleaning: dry clean recommended
Reasons to buy
+ Soft + Doesn’t moult  
Reasons to avoid
- Smaller sizes make the pattern look different 

This is a beautifully bold rug that features lots of colours and would be a great finishing touch to a room with neutral tones. The geometric pattern is very retro-looking and customers love how it looks, particularly on hardwood flooring. One thing to note is that the image John Lewis displays is of a large size, and on the smaller sized rugs the pattern may vary slightly. All-in-all, this rug is soft, colourful and cleans well with a vacuum cleaner without any moulting, meaning it wears incredibly well over time.  

6. Children's Large Grey Roads Play Mat

Protect the floor and have hours of fun on this children’s bedroom rug

Best for: Kids' bedrooms
Dimensions: W80cm x L120cm
Material: 100% Polyester
Cleaning: Machine washable
Reasons to buy
+ Soft-to-touch + Easy to clean 
Reasons to avoid
- More for play, not design 

If you’re looking for a rug to go in your children’s bedroom but don’t want to fork out for a plush sheepskin or luxury high pile rug, only for them to ruin it, then this Grey Roads Play mat is the ideal alternative. It will provide the floor (especially hardwood flooring) with support and protection, while creating hours of fun for your little one, too. The loop pile creates a soft bedroom rug that is great for walking and sitting on, and it’s hardwearing so it won’t deteriorate over time. We know how messy kids can be, which is why you’ll be pleased to hear this children’s bedroom rug is completely machine washable for easy maintenance.  

7. Flair Rugs Saria Brown & Taupe Rug Range

A soft chocolatey brown rug for a super-cosy feel

Best for: Adding warmth
Dimensions: W90cm x L150cm
Material: 60% wool, 40% viscose
Cleaning: hand wash
Reasons to buy
+ Modern pattern + Warm colours 
Reasons to avoid
- Not to everyone’s taste 

If you want a bold pattern but aren’t particularly keen on the bold colours, then this brown and cream bedroom rug is a neutral alternative. It’s soft, it’s cosy, and the deep chocolate shades will certainly bring warmth to any room. This would be ideally placed at the end of a bed, in the centre of the room to structure your furniture and create a softer atmosphere compared to the brighter rugs with harsh straight-lined patterns.  

8. Kids' Non Slip Machine Washable Cute Owl Play Mat

A soft, loop pile rug for pretty bedrooms

Best for: Kids’ bedrooms
Dimensions: W80cm x L120cm
Material: 100% polyester
Cleaning: machine washable
Reasons to buy
+ Durable material + Easy to clean 
Reasons to avoid
- A little slippy on hardwood 

This cute owl design makes for the best bedroom rug for girls. It’s soft to touch, machine washable and comes in three different sizes to cater to your home. Customers have said their daughters love this little rug and that it wears incredibly well even with lots of play. One thing to note is that if you have hardwood floors, it can tend to slide around a little despite the non-slip gripping. However, if you have carpets, this is the perfect addition to protect the floor and add style to your little girl's bedroom.

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