How to clean a shower curtain: top tips for removing mould and grime

Here's how to to clean a shower curtain so it looks like new again

how to clean shower curtain
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Everyone wants to know how to clean a shower curtain so that the thing actually looks and feels clean again. Shower curtains are notorious for collecting soap scum, limescale, and mould, and can actually become quite unhygienic after a while, exacerbating allergies and breathing problems. 

Fortunately, there are ways to clean shower curtains effectively. If you're scrubbing and scrubbing, and nothing is happening, check out our easy, time-tested hacks that actually work. You won't believe how clean your shower curtain can be. 

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How to remove mould from a shower curtain

Take down the curtain, and spread it fully open. Make up a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water and apply to the curtain using a spray bottle. Wearing gloves, wipe the shower curtain with a damp cloth to remove the mould. If there are still areas of mould left, use a brush to tackle it. Hang the shower curtain out to dry fully.

To keep the mould away in the future, make sure you open the shower curtain completely after showering so moisture doesn’t linger in the folds of the material. Tackle any ventilation problems in the bathroom, too.

How to clean a shower curtain using a mould spray

Mould sprays are highly effective on your tile grout and on silicone – so, there's no reason not to use them on your shower curtain. Simply apply the spray evenly all over the curtain, leave for half an hour, and rinse off with warm water. Foam sprays work much better than liquid ones, because the foam won't slide off the curtain. Our favourite for this purpose is the HG Mould Spray

How to clean a shower curtain using just water

Well, not just water, but you don't need sprays or detergents if it's just a regular clean. Just use the E-cloth Scrubber Pad – unlike ineffective bathroom sponges, it really lifts the grime off any surface, including your shower curtain. 

Should I wash my shower curtain in the washing machine? 

Basically, no. We've tried this over the years, and washing machine action just isn't abrasive enough to properly clean your shower curtain. Also, they're guaranteed to come out looking wrinkled and weird, so we don't recommend putting them in the washing machine. 

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