Dark and Stormy recipe: how to make this classic rum cocktail

This Dark and Stormy recipe is the easiest and most delicious rum cocktail around

Gosling's Rum Dark and Stormy recipe
(Image credit: Gosling's Rum )

Looking for the best dark and stormy recipe? As one of the simplest (but tastiest) cocktails, it's very hard to go wrong with this classic, even if you are on your third round. At the core is just two ingredients – rum and ginger beer – but you can put your own twist on the recipe to suit your tastes. We have popped a few twists below as well as the straight forward classic dark and stormy recipe.

One thing we do think is key to a good dark and stormy is the right glass, you don't go sticking this in any old vessel, it needs a high ball (we have rounded up some of our faves below if you don't have the kit). Keep scrolling to get started and then check out our other cocktail recipes for more tipples to get you through lockdown. 

How to make Dark and Stormy 

  • Thanks to Gosling's Rum for sharing this gorgeous (and very easy) recipe with us. Gosling's rum is a deep, delicious, highly-flavoured rum which is from Bermuda – where the Dark 'n' Stormy cocktail was born. (Pssttt... you can actually get a pre-mixed Goslings Dark'n Stormy from Waitrose and it's just as tasty).



1. Put all the ingredients into a glass (we think a nice heavy high-ball) works best and stir. 

2. Add a squeeze of lime, along with a lime wedge to serve. 

3. You can put your own twist on the classic dark and stormy recipe by adding mint or replacing the lime with. blood orange and adding a dash of orange bitters.  

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