Aperol Spritz recipe: the perfect summer evening drink

Team Real Homes love this Aperol Spritz recipe and we are pretty sure you will too. Learn how to make the perfect serve (according to Aperol themselves) and enjoy on a late summer evening

Aperol Spritz recipe
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In recent years every bar in the UK has added Aperol Spritz to their menus, but head to the towns of north-east Italy and they will tell you they have been sipping it for years. It is a popular aperitif and the Italians don't just save it for summer – even in winter it is served to people sitting huddled beneath outdoor heaters and blankets, outside cafés and bars. 

The true serve is equal parts Prosecco and Aperol, finished with a dash of soda water to mix, althought some people go a bit heavier on the bubbly for more sweetness. Plenty of ice is essential and orange slices are the preferred garnish. The Prosecco sits perfectly with the bitters of the Aperol, so it is loved by many for satisfying those who like sweet drinks and dry ones. No wonder it is a firm favourite with all of the Real Homes team. 

See the perfect Aperol Spritz recipe below (there is a non-alcoholic version too), then head to our cocktail hub for more drink ideas.

How to make an Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz

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We love how easy this cocktail is to make. You can use a measure, but some of us are guilty of eyeballing it. Just give it a taste, then add a drop more Aperol or Prosecco as needed to taste.


  • 50ml Aperol
  • 50ml Prosecco (although some prefer 75ml for it to be slightly sweeter)
  • dash of soda water
  • orange slices to serve
  • ice

1. Fill a gin balloon or large wine glass with ice
2. Add the Aperol and then carefully pour the Prosecco on top
3. Top up with a dash of soda water, to taste
4. Finish with a couple of slices of orange

Compare to the chart below to see if you have created the Aperol approved serve.

how to make aperol spritz colour chart

Aperol have created a handy chart to show what the perfect spritz should look like. Mix yours, then check it against the chart

(Image credit: Aperol)

Make mine NoLo: Æcorn Bitter Spritz

Æcorn bitters spritz

(Image credit: Æcorn)

If you are not drinking but still want to partake in this summer spritz, give the Æcorn Bitter Spritz a go. Simply follow the recipe above, but swap Aperol for Æcorn Bitter (an alcohol free aperitif featuring notes of bay leaf, grapefruit and orange) and trade Prosecco for your favourite no or low (NoLo) alcohol sparkling white wine. Delicious and no hangover!

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