Rest Assured Richborough mattress review

A new addition to the market, the Rest Assured mattress is put through our thorough testing regime – and here are the results

rest assured mattress in bedroom setting
Real Homes Verdict

This is a very comfortable and supportive mattress. The Medium tested was pretty firm, so it’s worth trying out the Soft option if you’re looking for cosy. We woke without aches or pains and looked forward to climbing back in at night.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Luxury feel

  • +


  • +

    Handmade in the UK

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Heavy + high (fortunately it’s ‘no-turn’)

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If you're looking to find the best mattress for your needs, you'll find plenty of choice in our guide to the top picks. Up today, the Richborough Pocket Latex 2000 (medium) mattress from Rest Assured. 

About our review – and our reviewer

Linda Clayton has been writing about homes and interiors for nearly 20 years, working for publications such as Homes & Gardens, Country Homes & Interiors, Real Homes, Ideal Home, Livingetc and House Beautiful. Linda and her husband spend between five and 10 nights sleeping on each mattress. Find her on Twitter at @lindaclayton and  @lindaclaytonwrites on Insta.

Rest Assured mattress specifications:
Pocket spring/latex
Sizes: Double, king and super king

Who will the Rest Assured mattress suit?

Why you can trust Real Homes Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

rest assured mattress

(Image credit: Rest Assured)

Anyone seeking a really luxurious pocket spring mattress that’s not too hot, especially allergy sufferers (who aren’t allergic to latex!).

What's the Rest Assured mattress like to sleep on?

After a few weeks studiously testing memory foam mattresses (I know, it’s a tough job…), the arrival of this handcrafted pocket spring number felt like welcoming home an old friend. Don’t get me wrong, memory foam is nice, but it’s hard to beat a traditionally made spring mattress for a truly luxurious lie-down. As my husband Nick said, 'now that’s what I call a proper mattress'. 

The first thing that I noticed was how high it felt and not just compared to the typically low memory foams. At 30cm tall, this mattress almost sits level with our bedside tables, and would have been higher if we had a divan base. Nick and I are both 5ft 10in so the height isn’t an issue but one of our more midget-like tame testers said she’d struggle to put her socks on in the morning – she declined the offer of steps though! Anyhoo, we climbed aboard and our first night went really well. I found it particularly comfortable in the side-sleeping position that I generally start off in. I don't recall waking again until morning, which is, let’s face it, all anyone can ask from a mattress. Nick also slept soundly and was pleased by the all-round feeling of support and ease of movement. 

On the subject of movement, the motion transfer, or lack thereof, was excellent. This is no doubt thanks to the individually wrapped springs, which do a great job of isolating movement – basically neither of us were rocking each other’s world while we slept, and for that I am truly grateful.

firmness test for rest assured mattress

(Image credit: Linda Clayton)

On firmness, we tested the Medium version (there’s also a Hard and Soft option in the Richborough range) and I would argue that it sits on the firmer end of the medium scale. In fact our six tame testers (three male, three female, ranging from 10 to 17 stone) were all surprised when I told them it was graded Medium. They rated it from seven to nine for firmness (see graph above). However, the nine was awarded by our shortest, lightest friend. Perhaps she just doesn’t have the load capacity to squish down the latex topper! One commented that the latex pillow top layer makes the mattress look significantly squishier than it is, which is a good point. You’d think it was a real sinker at first assessment. 

weight test for rest assured mattress

(Image credit: Linda Clayton)

weight test for rest assured mattress

(Image credit: Linda Clayton)

When we tested how the mattress responded to weight at different points, using our trusty (slightly rusty) 56lb weight (see above), the results were interesting. On the edge, the weight only sunk by 6 to 7cm, but in the centre it sunk to 9.5cm. However, this could just be purely due to the latex being more tightly compacted by the cover at the edges – there is a thick band of piping around the perimeter. I never once felt like I was rolling into the middle of the bed during the night, or that the edge was discernibly firmer when the girls wriggled between us in the mornings.

posture test for rest assured mattress

(Image credit: Linda Clayton)

Regarding posture, according to Rest Assured’s blurb, the pocket springs are zoned to contour to your body shape. The idea is that they offer more support at your pressure points, ie, hips and shoulders. The laser level on Nick’s back (see above) revealed a slight dip in his spine but nothing that might require an emergency trip to the chiropractor.

How does the Rest Assured mattress rate online?

This is a pretty new release and currently there are no online reviews off the Rest Assured website, but we’ll keep you posted… 

What do you get for your money?

A five-year guarantee against faults and defects: you mattress replacement is free for the first 12 months and then increasing annually from 20 per cent to 90 per cent of the standard price over the next four years, all as long as your mattress is purchased from an authorised Rest Assured retailer, which of course Very is, and is maintained according to the manufacturers guidelines.

Is the Rest Assured mattress worth it?

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was the best night’s sleep we’ve ever had, unlike one ecstatic reviewer on Rest Assured’s website, but we both agreed that we’d be very happy to sleep on this mattress any night of the week. It is very comfortable, slightly warm but not oppressively hot, and supportive. The Medium we tested was pretty firm, so it’s worth trying out the Soft option if you’re looking for cosy. We woke without aches or pains and looked forward to climbing back in at night. Being married to a cabinetmaker, I’m always up for supporting British crafts and so I really appreciated the fact that Rest Assured has a long heritage in UK manufacturing. Anyone who is vertically challenged might find it a tad high (depending on the height of your bed base). And, as it’s a thick, rigid beast of a mattress, I would also recommend you measure your access carefully before buying. Ours was a super king and would never have made it round the bend in the stairs of our old house. 

Rest Assured mattress fillings

As well as the aforementioned pocket springs (2,000 in a king size), this number has a generous pillowtop featuring blended natural latex for flexible pressure relief and super soft foam for added comfort. Many people argue (and I would concur) that a latex + springs combo really does create a superior mattress and the blended latex used in this particular mattress really does provide optimum comfort which is one of the most compelling reasons that we rate the mattress our best latex option. 

The blended latex in this mattress is a mix of 50 per cent natural and 50 per cent synthetic latex. This particular blend ratio has been specifically developed to provide the optimum in comfort. The blended latex is highly durable, resisting sagging and provides a wonderfully supportive and soothing sleep surface. I’m also delighted to report that latex doesn’t have the nasty chemical smell of memory foam, which really does linger far longer than the manufacturers suggest. Oh, and this mattress also features Purotex, a textile treatment that helps stop dust mites and other household allergens from multiplying (urgh). The technology is Allergy UK approved, which is reassuring! 

Ordering and delivery

  • The Rest Assured Richborough Latex mattress is currently only available exclusively from Very (and its sister company Littlewoods but for more money, so Very is your best bet). 
  • Your mattress will be delivered with the option of your old mattress being taken away so you have one less thing to worry about.  
  • Delivery and collection charges do apply – currently £14.99 for the former. The two delivery guys who schlepped ours down to Devon were very strong (they needed to be), and amenable, offering to carry it upstairs if required.

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