Layla weighted blanket review — this super soft cooling blanket is a must-have

The Layla weighted blanket is perfect for a sense of calm, not an extra sweaty night

Layla weighted blanket
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The well-distributed microbeads make it a sensory soothing experience, and the fabric itself is plush but not too hot. The size of the blanket is perfect for lounging on the couch or nighttime sleeping, without struggling to keep your feet covered. People who love soft and luxurious fabrics will appreciate the quality of the material itself as well.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Not too heavy

  • +

    Soft fabric

  • +

    Carrying case

  • +

    Machine washable

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Bulky to move around

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I tested out the Layla weighted blanket and found that it provides gentle pressure that gives you a sense of comfort and calm.

Weighted blankets can be used for nighttime sleep in addition to your normal bedding, or as a couch blanket for cozier evenings. Whatever you pick, you’ll likely want to stick to that, as the blanket is only as easy as a 15-pound weight to move around — and much bulkier to handle.

I tested the weighted blanket for multiple days on the couch and overnights as well. I was not able to use it in addition to my normal bedding, because they would have been too hot together. I opted to keep it on the couch after a few uses, finding it especially calming in the evening when racing thoughts run rampant. Therefore, it is one of the best weighted blankets consumers should consider. 

 What I thought of the Layla weighted blanket

The Layla weighted blanket made me a convert — I now love weighted blankets because of this product. The well-distributed microbeads make it a sensory soothing experience, and the fabric itself is plush but not too hot. As a taller woman, I was pleasantly surprised to find the size was long enough to cover my feet and whole body. 

Laying under the blanket gives you a peaceful sense of calm, such as being wrapped in a warm hug. At first, there’s a bit of adjustment to having the weight on you, so if you aren’t used to weighted blankets, the 15-pound is a great option to start with, and not overly heavy. However, you should check how heavy a weighted blanket should be for you before buying.

After a few minutes, the calming factor sets in (one of the best benefits of a weighted blanket), as does the cooling. You realize that you somehow aren’t very hot in spite of having a heavy blanket on you. Then, you settle in for a comfortable rest, ultimately forgetting it’s there, but feeling safe and secure anyway.

Layla weighted blanket specifications

  • Dimensions: 48 x72 inches
  • Weight: 15, 20 and 25 pounds
  • Fabric: 300 TC cotton on one side, 100% polyester/mink on the other side 
  • Filling: High-density micro glass beads  

Unboxing the Layla weighted blanket

Layla weighted blanket

(Image credit: Layla)

Unboxing the weighted blanket is quite simple, and the bag comes in a cloth carrying case with handles, allowing for easy transport or travel. This means you can take the blanket on vacation with you quite easily after you get used to sleeping under it. 

The box is somewhat heavy with the blanket in it, but otherwise easy to open and access the simple product detail card and the bag containing the blanket. The blanket is ready to use right out of the box, though some might prefer to wash it first. 

The unboxing process also shows you how small it can fold up, making for easier blanket storage when you fold it like that again after use.

Is the Layla weighted blanket comfortable?

The Layla weighted blanket offers two different textures and fabrics for each side of the blanket. One side of the blanket is made of 300 thread count cotton, and the other side is a polyester/mink fabric, giving you the opportunity to choose which feel you want closest to you as you snuggle up with the blanket. The blanket is filled with glass beads, so it is extremely quiet and less “lumpy” when compared to other weighted blankets.

The gentle pressure from this blanket is comforting. The size of the blanket is perfect for lounging on the couch or nighttime sleeping, without struggling to keep your feet covered. Yet, it’s small enough to be considered a couch blanket for watching TV too.

Some users did say that the Layla blanket is too warm for their liking–especially if they are already a hot sleeper or the environment is warm. For us, the blanket was not overly hot, but definitely not the coolest option either. The cotton side did provide more breathability, and the hexagon stitching design made the filling more easily dispersed, so less weight was stuck in one spot, meaning the overall breathability was better than other weighted blankets we’ve tested.  

Is the Layla weighted blanket safe?

 All Layla weighted blankets are free of lead and other harmful chemicals. The filling of each weighted blanket contains non-toxic glass beads, and the blankets are stitched to ensure there are no leaks. For adults, weighted blankets are generally safe, but for people who have been diagnosed with certain health conditions, such as heart, lung, or mobility issues, it would be best to discuss them with your care provider before using them.

Infants, toddlers, and seniors shouldn’t use weighted blankets due to suffocation and choking concerns, potentially putting undue stress on their bodies.

Weighted blankets should weigh no more than 10% of your body weight. A 2020 study found that those who used weighted blankets had reduced levels of anxiety during the day and less insomnia at night. Layla reports some research has also shown benefits for other conditions, from depression to sensory processing disorders. 

Cleaning the Layla weighted blanket

One of the best characteristics of the Layla weighted blanket is that it is machine washable. It should be washed on a cold, gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. Do not iron or bleach the blanket. While it might seem the blanket is big and heavy, and might struggle to fit well in a typical washing machine, it’s not super thick and therefore washes well. 

It’s unlikely you’ll need to wash your weighted blanket too frequently, unless you are doing some major snacking on the couch while you wear it, or your pet who sheds becomes as fond of it as you will be.

Is the Layla weighted blanket right for you?

Layla weighted blanket

(Image credit: Layla)

The Layla blanket is right for you if you want a lighter option. People who love soft and luxurious fabrics will appreciate the quality of the material itself as well. Anyone who is curious about trying a weighted blanket, but typically runs hot when they sleep should opt for this cooling brand, in the lighter of the two offered weights. 

If you plan to travel with the blanket or use it in multiple locations around the house, it might not be for you, as the blanket is bulky and heavy to move. However, you can use the handy carrying case if you do need to take it somewhere. 

Finally, the microbeads inside are well distributed, so you don’t end up with pockets of more and less weight, as some blankets do.

Overall, I’d recommend the blanket to anyone curious about trying a weighted blanket, as well as long-time weighted blanket fans. Keep in mind the preferred weight to determine what weight is best for your body.

How we tested the Layla weighted blanket

 I tested the weighted blanket on myself and myself — he promptly fell asleep under it in seconds. I tested it for about a week, both in bed overnight and on the couch during rests.

  • Unboxing: I examined the box and packaging to determine if it was safe and secure in transit, and easy to open and start using. I also noted the cover’s usability to be able to refold the blanket and place it back in easily. The bag has a convenient zipper that allows it to open much wider for less fuss replacing the blanket in the bag. 
  • Comfort: I spent time examining whether the microbeads seemed evenly distributed in the blanket, and as a mom of young kids, if there was any chance of the seams giving way and these beads getting out (there wasn’t). 
  • Ease of use: The blanket easily flips between the two sides, though it still weighs 15 pounds. So, you can move it if you want to, but it isn’t light. I tested the ease of use by seeing if I got tangled while sleeping with the blanket, or otherwise had issues with its size, feel, and weight.  
  • Cleaning: To test the blanket’s ability to be cleaned per the directions, I put the blanket in the washing machine, and dried it on low. I also considered hanging the blanket outside to dry on a sunny day, but wasn’t sure it would dry in a quick enough time frame, due to the weight and fabric. I checked to make sure the blanket was cleaned well in spite of its size in the washing machine. 

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