What's the best sleeping position to aid digestion? We have the answer

If you're wondering what the best sleeping position is, for digestion in particular, here are the (science-backed) facts

best sleeping position for digestion
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Ever wondered what the best sleeping position may be for you? And whether it could work wonders on your digestion and general well-being? Sleeping on your left side, is in short the best position to target digestion in particular. 

Sleeping on the left side for digestion has been advocated by traditional medicine and anecdotal evidence for a very long time, but now it seems there is more robust evidence supporting these claims. 

Sleeping on your side – especially your left side – is officially recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. Researchers have yet to confirm why the left side is so good, but it's currently thought that sleeping on you left side ensures that your stomach is in a lower position relative to your oesophagus, which prevents acid reflux. 

The other theory is that sleeping on your left side encourages the correct alignment of internal organs, which aids digestion and waste elimination. Sleeping on your right side, on the other hand, might not be best for digestion and even aggravate heartburn.

While for many people, sleeping on their side is their default sleeping position, for others it's a struggle to remember to roll over. The best way to train yourself to sleep on your side is to swap your pillow: in order for side sleeping to be comfortable, you need a full, bouncy pillow that's not too flat. 

The Simba Hybrid pillow should make a difference – it's the best pillow for side sleepers in our buyer's guide, but there are lots of other pillows that are designed with side sleepers in mind that should encourage you to adopt this sleeping position.