Want to sell your home for more? You need this one bedroom upgrade

Want to maximize your home's resale value? You need this bedroom feature

Walk in closet in a contemporary penthouse
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If you're looking to upgrade your bedroom with adding value to your home in mind, you should focus on just one feature that every buyer these days seems to want. We've spoken to real estate experts and interior designers, and all of them unanimously pointed to this one bedroom upgrade as a guarantee of a buyer who will be impressed – and will be prepared to part with more of their cash. If you're looking for tips on how to add value to your home, you can't miss this one.

The number 1 bedroom upgrade that adds value to your home

Walk-in closet in a villa in Ryadh

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And the the top bedroom feature that adds value to your home is ... a walk-in closet. Once an element of luxury master bedroom ideas, a walk-in closet is now desired by the majority of buyers who have much more clothing and footwear than ever before.  Suzy MInken, a top realtor at Compass, said: 'Plenty of closet space is something that ranks high on the must have list of many many buyers who are leaving the urban areas for the suburbs. If the closets in the primary bedroom are small, consider options to enlarge and existing closet or add a new closet. Alternatively, seek out a
closet professional to come in and create the right shelving and rods to
maximize the closet space. Buyers love to open a closet door and be pleasantly surprised!' 

Contemporary walk-in closet by Covet House

(Image credit: Covet House)

Andra DelMonico, the Lead Interior Designer for Trendey, agrees that a walk-in closet is a must, and adds that it works even as part of small bedroom ideas: 'Creating a walk-in closet directly off the bedroom creates more immediately
accessible storage space. If you have an awkward set of rooms, this is the
perfect solution for creating a master suite. Turn it into a bedroom,
dressing area and closet, and bathroom. This is highly desirable as more
people see and want the custom-designed closets of celebrities and the

Gliss Walk-in Wardrobe Molteni & C

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What's even better is that walk-in closet ideas work in homes of all sizes and price ranges. You really can't go wrong with the, sayd DanielleDella Pella, a realtor at
Compass: In my professional opinion, having toured hundreds of homes with
perhaps thousands of buyers at price points ranging between $125,000 to
well over $3 million, there are certain features that elevate a master
bedroom and draw the oohs and aahs every seller's agent wants to hear. A walk-in closet is a must - and if you can have two for a his/hers, hers/hers or his/his, you can start counting your money!' 

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