Trouble sleeping? Casper's Glow Lights could be the answer

Sleep experts at Casper provide insight into how to sleep, with a little help from the new Casper Glow Lights

how to sleep: casper glow lights
(Image credit: Casper)

Want to know how to sleep better? Whether stress is causing you sleepless nights or darker mornings make it near impossible to get up in the morning, many of us recognise that we could benefit from a better, more restful, night's sleep. 

So, we were intrigued to discover that Casper – the brains behind one of our top rated mattresses – have released a range of Glow Lights designed to make falling asleep (and waking up in the morning) an easier experience for everyone. But how do they work? Find out more below... and discover more of the best wake up lights in our guide.

How to sleep: casper glow lights

(Image credit: Casper)

Put simply, Casper's Glow Lights – a range of small, stylish, and super minimal devices – emit warm light in a bid to mimic the rising and setting of the sun. But why, we hear you ask? 

Well, historically, humans relied on the effects of the sun on their circadian rhythm to wake them naturally, a process which has been proven to be less stressful both mentally and physically. Similar principles apply for falling asleep, where a natural decrease in light encourages humans to unwind and fall asleep gradually, as opposed to simply turning off the lights and expecting to fall asleep instantly.

Casper's Glow Lights aim to capitalise on the positive impact of light on the brain when waking up and falling asleep. Research driven lighting programmes encourage users to take up to 45 minutes to wake up, or fall asleep. Plus, its dim light is just what you need to guide you through the darkness should you need the toilet in the night. Yes, Casper's Glow Lights are wireless, so it's super easy to pick them up and carry them around your home, should you need to.

Available in a single, or double, pack, Casper's Glow Lights are designed with singles and couples in mind. And if, after 30 days, you decide is not for you, rest assured that you can return your devices as part of Casper's 30 day risk free trial.

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