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Stock up on Primark storage so you can declutter in style

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(Image credit: Primark Home)

Primark storage makes having a clear out a dream (somehow)! A good old tidy is made almost enjoyable when you've got stylish storage solutions by your side as your dedicated decluttering companions. We're super impressed by the latest range at Primark, hence why we're always refreshing the page to see when they'll get in something new! These storage baskets and boxes, boasting beaut materials from wire and wicker to fabric get a firm yes from us. 

Keep scrolling to check out what they've got in store and head down to your nearest Primark ASAP. We hear you: why oh why can't you buy online? We're always thinking the same thing... So, if you're not ready to brave the shops yet we've included a round up of similar stylish storage solutions from some of our other favourite retailers. Or you can visit our deals hub to see any offers on homeware and storage from brands you can buy with online today.

1. White Paper Rope Basket, £8

Primark Home white paper rope basket

(Image credit: Primark Home)

Discovering this white rope basket sitting proudly on the Primark shelves reminded us why we're loyal Primark Home buyers. A humble paper bin or a rustic plant pot, this is a killer purchase and a reliable storage solution that will deliver on the efficiency front with style!

White Paper Rope Basket, £8

2. Well Natural Basket 2 Pack, £12

Primark Home well natural basket two pack

(Image credit: Primark Home)

Suchhhhh a dreamy product; we were so excited when we saw this fab budget buy on the "Refresh your room" edit on the Primark site. Stackable and brilliant value for money, this two pack of natural baskets is gorgeously rustic and the perfect storage solution for anything from paper to odd bits and bobs.

Well Natural Basket 2 Pack, £12

3. Black Woven Storage Box, £2.50

Simple, sleek and reliable. Black storage boxes are the ultimate, clever buy because they will see you through everything. Whether you're adopting a monochrome colour scheme or just want something super versatile and easy, this black woven storage box will do the trick. 

Black Woven Storage Box, £2.50

4. Small Wire Basket With Wood, £4

Primark Home wire basket with wood

(Image credit: Primark Home)

A trusty home office or university bedroom companion, this small wire basket is a great place to chuck paper, letters and envelopes. This is an ideal piece of kit to have in your home for desk storage. 

Small Wire Basket With Wood, £4

5. White Wicker Baskets 2 Pack, £8

Primark home white wicker storage baskets

(Image credit: Primark Home)

Honestly, if you ask us, these white wicker baskets are a bit of a homeware staple. They are the perfect cute, homely solution to any things that don't have a place. A decluttering god-send. 

White Wicker Baskets 2 Pack, £8

6. Woven Large Well Basket, £14

Primark Home woven well storage basket

(Image credit: Primark Home)

Oooooh OBSESSED with the two tone basket... that really could pass as designer. This large storage solution is the perfect hideaway for magazines, shoes or to display your favourite plant baby. Honestly a killer buy, in our opinion. 

Woven Large Well Basket, £14

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