This is how much your shed's contents are worth (and burglars know it)

It's likely your shed doesn't have a decent lock, but protecting its contents could save you thousands of pounds in replacements

How often do you visit the shed at the bottom of your garden? You know – that brown thing stuffed with bikes, barbecue equipment, deflated balls, long-abandoned outdoor toys, power tools, gardening tools, sports equipment and weird garden implements? Any idea what's really in there and, more to the point, what it's worth?

Most of us might see our sheds as more of a junk store than a valuable part of our property – but, according to outdoor specialists (opens in new tab)'s latest research, a typical British shed is full of high value of items that a) are alluring to burglars (who love a dark winter afternoon/evening), and b) would cost thousands – on average £2,578 – to replace. 

In other words, our junk is their bread and butter. A spokesperson for says, 'An unassuming shed could start to look like a pot of gold at the end of the garden in the eyes of burglars, so it's absolutely vital to get a solid lock and ensure there are no other easy means of entry. 

'Most Brits assume that their shed is covered by their home contents' insurance – and most normally are under a separate outbuildings limit. But failing to check the small print could leave homeowners massively out of pocket, with some policies even specifically excluding, for example, bikes. It is therefore even more important to ensure shed security – most insurers will not pay out on items stolen from shed that isn’t properly locked up and maintained. Our advice is to never take any chances; make sure that the shed is securely locked every night and that insurance is comprehensive outdoors too.'

Frantically totting up the value of your shed's contents, while wondering whether there's a spare padlock down there that you could quickly fit? Use our quick shed content breakdown:

  • Two adult bikes - £850 
  • Two children's bikes - £320 
  • Four bike helmets - £140 
  • Scooters and skateboards - £30-£35 a piece 
  • Football boots - £50 
  • Lawnmower - £165 
  • Garden furniture set - £230
  • TOTAL = £1,790 (and that's just for starters)
Ellen Finch
Deputy editor

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