This DIY sofa cleaning hack will replace your upholstery cleaner

Cleaning a sofa using this homemade recipe will save you time on scrubbing and money on detergents

living room with white sofa
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This DIY cleaning hack for sofas will do everything that an upholstery cleaner should do – lift stains, deodorise, and just generally leave the sofa fabric feeling fresh and soft, like it was the day you bought it. Not that we're advocating against the use of upholstery cleaners – we just like the idea of saving on buying an extra bottle of something that can easily be made at home. 

DIY upholstery cleaner


For this super-easy upholstery cleaner recipe, you will need:

Simply shake all the ingredients together in the spray bottle; now, spray liberally all over your sofa, paying particular attention to any stains. Using a white cleaning brush, work the mixture into the upholstery fabric, covering all of the sofa evenly. Then, after about five minutes, gently remove any excess with a damp cleaning cloth. Allow the sofa to dry fully. Voila! It will look brighter and fresher. Just make sure not to use anything that's not colour-fast (e.g. cloths not designed for cleaning) to prevent colour transfer. 

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Just in case your sofa is not the only thing that needs cleaning...

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