The Tado smart thermostat could help you save up to 31% on your heating bill – and it's super affordable to install

According to experts, the Tado smart thermostat could help you save as much as 31% on your heating bill – find out more

tado smart thermostat
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Never heard of the Tado smart thermostat? You'll know everything there is to know (and more) by the end of this article. Worth it? To save as much as 31% on your heating bills*, we certainly think so. Plus when you think about the money you'll be saving post installation, the Tado smart thermostat as good as pays for itself. We're sold.

Discover how the Tado smart thermostat works; what it does; and how it could save you money below. Then, compare it to our pick of the best smart thermostats. Hint: it's in our second spot.

So, what is a smart thermostat? Put simply, it's a device that connects your heating system to your smart phone, making it super easy to control your heating and hot water, from any location. The Tado smart thermostat is one of the most affordable options currently available on the market and comes highly rated in our round up of the best. Here's what it has to offer:

Climate Assistant

The Tado smart thermostat works to learn your heating behaviours, adjusting the climate of each room individually, depending on your preferences. Plus, it offers practical advice to help prevent mould, reduce humidity, improve air quality and more. 

It's through this understanding of your heating behaviours – by which we mean how, when and where you heat your home – that it helps users to save money. By identifying where energy is used unnecessarily, Tado can make recommendations that will ultimately lead to users reducing their energy usage and the cost of their bills. 


Another handy feature that helps (particularly forgetful) homeowners to reduce the cost of their monthly bills is geofencing. Using GPS to track your location, Tado ensures you never heat an empty house. How? Well, it's programmed to turn off your heating automatically the moment you step outside of a pre-allocated geo-fence. This ensures energy is saved, even if you forget.

The most affordable smart thermostat available

Although the Tado is half the price of similar models, it is compatible with a range of heating systems, including underfloor heating, and you can use it alongside the Amazon Echo for complete smart home functionality. 

*Learn more about the Tado Smart Thermostat and how you could save as much as 31% on your heating

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