The Home Edit share the one thing they struggle to keep organized

Thanksgiving must be a particularly stressful time for Clea and Joanna

Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit on Netflix
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Get Organized with The Home Edit has officially returned to Netflix for a second season, and we cannot wait to binge it. Watching organizational pros Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer in action always leaves us feeling so inspired to try out some new organization ideas and actually keep our homes tidy.

We recently spoke to the dynamic duo as part of their work with Egglands Best, and they revealed that organizing leftovers is the one thing that they really struggle with in the fridge. 

food arranged inside transparent plastic boxes in fridge

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Organizing leftovers – the one thing The Home Edit struggle to organize

'I actually think the hardest thing to organize is leftovers,' says Clea. 'Because it's not a category that you necessarily account for when you go grocery shopping.'

She describes how she has various bins all set up and labeled in her fridge for everything from kids' snacks to dairy products. 'And when I go grocery shopping I know what I'm running low on because I can see the bins are low,' she explains. 

This lady runs a tight ship. 'Leftovers are a bit of a curveball,' she adds, 'because you just don't know exactly how much space they're going to take up, because you don't know exactly how much you're gonna eat.'

Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit on Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)

Thanksgiving must be a particularly stressful time of year for these two. Joanna agrees that leftovers are her Achilles' heel. 

'We're control freaks, we like to control what goes in and out, and with leftovers, there's only so much you can control!' she says. At least now we know that even the professionals find organizing the fridge hard. 

So there's truly no problem if your fridge is a million miles from some of Instagram's finest rainbow-colored fridgescapes. It's all about giving yourself a little bit of patience when it comes to how to organize a fridge.

fruit and vegetable stored in plastic transparent boxes in the fridge

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Because you've got a lot of perishable, fresh food in there, and a high turnover of food, it's impossible to have a perfect system. The pantry, on the other hand, is way easier because there aren't so many perishables. 

Plus, with our smart pantry storage ideas you can get things super organized and pretty. What's the one thing you find impossible to organize?

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