The Aldi egg chair has a rival – it's in stock and you can pre-order it now

Missed out an Aldi egg chair, don't want to go in store to buy one like Mrs Hinch’s? Here’s where you can get one online now

BRIQ egg chair
(Image credit: BRIQ)

When Aldi launched its version of Mrs Hinch’s hanging egg chair in June, over 75,000 customers queued online to buy it, and it sold out within just half an hour. But if you missed out on yours, we have some very good news. You can order your own egg chair for delivery right now, so you don’t have to waste time queuing.

Can’t wait to snap up one of these super-cool designs for yourself? We’ve got the inside track on where you can get yours without joining a queue.

BRIQ egg chair

(Image credit: BRIQ)

Check out the hanging egg chair from BRIQ (above), which costs just £179. It’s weather resistant to cope with British summers, and the egg-shaped seat has woven sides and comes with grey or white cushions that are water-resistant and washable (Mrs Hinch would approve, we think). The stand is full height, and the steel base is galvanized for durability. 

Instagram sensation Sophie Hinchcliffe is a huge fan of the hanging egg chair design. Last summer, she bought her own egg chair from B&M (still available in selected stores for £150) and said she was ‘very chuffed’. It’s decorated with fairy lights – also from B&M – and faux ivy from The Range. 

The cleanfluencer’s home is one of the most famous on Instagram, and we’ve all seen even more it and her garden recently while she, like the rest of us, has been staying in. One of the most stand-out features of her outdoor space, and one of the outdoor seats she shares with son Ronnie? Yes, the egg chair.

Other fans of this must-have garden chair include Stacey Solomon, who showed off hers accessorised with fake flowers for her youngest son Rex’s first birthday.

Like Mrs Hinch, though, we reckon the egg chair is a garden must-have, but when the weather turns, it’ll look equally stylish in a conservatory.

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