In case you missed it, Sofia Richie's dining room is the stuff of quiet luxury dreams

Sofia Richie's dining room looks just as elegant as her wardrobe, and we're taking notes

Sofia Richie in gray suit
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Can we have a moment of appreciation for Sofia Richie's dining room? Fans are so busy admiring the model's garments — and rightfully so — yet they're sleeping on her impeccable taste in home decor. It's time to change that! 

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we'll need to get our shared spaces in tip-top shape. We love an inviting atmosphere, and with plenty of impending moments around the table, who wouldn't appreciate a little decorative inspiration from a style icon in the making?

While yes, Sofia's sunglasses always get an A+, and she's schooled us all in quiet luxury, we're willing to go on the record to say that she's got great dining room ideas, too. Hear us out.

Have a look at Sofia Richie's dining room

On Instagram, the model gives selective looks into her style and her home. We were particularly intrigued by her lovely garden this summer, but her Scandi-style dining room is piquing our curiosity as of late. 

It's simple, yet it makes the perfect statement. From the natural wood table to the plush faux chairs, the look is pulled together by a gorgeous batch of white roses — we're particularly loving dried florals at the moment — and a large plant in the distance. (Nearby pup not required but encouraged.) 

As of late, Richie's fashion sense has been the talk of the industry. When speaking to Town & Country earlier this year, she said, "The evolution that I personally wanted to have with my style — that has been a focus for me for the past two years. I thought about what makes me feel the most confident in myself as a woman. And when I dressed a bit more sophisticated, I felt the most empowered. So I embraced that."

We think the same mentality has been captured in her home, particularly with her tasteful dining table idea. Clothes-wise, we know she's the mascot of quiet luxury, something Who What Wear's associate editor, Sierra Mayhew, describes as "a personal sense of style that speaks for itself and exudes opulence without having to utter a logo or designer brand’s name."

Sierra Mayhew

Sierra Mayhew is the associate editor of Who What Wear, and the brand's goal is to "change the way women feel about fashion and beauty by continuing to champion the idea that style is inclusive and attainable by all."

How to recreate Sofia Richie's dining room

Even if ample square footage is not in the cards and you have to resort to the best dining tables for small spaces, the look is still attainable and affordable. First thing's first, if you want to adopt Scandi principles into your space, make sure the area in question is clutter-free. (Plus a simplified look is deceiving to the eye.) 

"[Scandi] focuses on clean lines, minimalism, and a lack of clutter. With its focus on neutral colors and an absence of unnecessary items that consume space, it creates an illusion of a more spacious room," says certified sleep science coach, Jill Zwarensteyn.

Jill Zwarensteyn
Jill Zwarensteyn

A Certified Sleep Science Coach, Jill Zwarensteyn is a Sleep Expert and Editor at Sleep Advisor.

According to interior designer Marta Balazs, keeping the furniture in your dining area balanced is half the battle.

"Maintaining a symmetrical layout is another essential element, [it] creates a more visually appealing and balanced environment," she says. "It brings a sense of order and balance to the room, which is in line with the principles of the Scandinavian aesthetic."

Marta Balazs
Marta Balazs

Marta Balazs is a London-based interior designer helping homeowners create functional, timeless, and calming spaces that inspire a sense of well-being with a touch of Scandinavian style.

Sofia Richie dining room buys

Ready for the copycat look? These sophisticated styles can help you out. 

Prices were correct at the time of publication. 

Celebrity houses are a great source of inspiration because they tend to work with the top interior designers to come up with unique looks and trends. Interested in more celeb styles? We adore the rustic and industrial charm of Victoria and David Beckham's London kitchen. 

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