Why you shouldn't keep anything under your bed, according to a sleep expert

It's all about the Chi

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Most of us at Real Homes use the space under our beds for some handy storage. But, according to one sleep expert, keeping things under the bed is a habit to nip in the bud.

Alison Jones says that for optimal Feng Shui, calming vibes, and good quality sleep, we should take out ALL storage from under the bed. Anything you've shoved under there should be put away in cupboards, according to Alison from Sealy.

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This is because leaving the space under the bed totally free from clutter will improve the energy flow. 'One of the main principles of Feng Shui is the notion of Chi energy being able to circulate freely, which includes under and around the bed,' Alison says.

But, as Alison points out, our bedrooms are often one of the messiest rooms in the house. If you've had to set up a workspace in your bedroom in lockdown, it's even harder to keep on top of clutter (read: mounting collections of used mugs).

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'Without even realizing it, clutter and untidiness can play on your mind and raise anxiety levels,' Alison says. 'Not only that, but it can disrupt the energy movement throughout your bedroom too.'

Turns out clear floor space is just as important as having the best mattress for you. This might just be the incentive you need to have a thorough tidy up and clear out. 

Whether you follow Feng Shui or not, creating a tidy and tranquil environment in your bedroom is a simple route to better sleep. For more bedroom ideas whatever your style, head over to our gallery. 

Struggling to sleep despite an orderly room? Our guide on how to sleep well will help.

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If you have a bed with built-in drawers or a bed frame that lifts up, you could store sleep-related items in there. Bedsheets, spare pillows, and blankets are preferable to a random mix of items you need to take to the charity shop.

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