This Shea Mcgee closet has a genius upgrade that makes our type-A hearts happy

This primary closet showcases Shea McGee's genius for transforming small spaces

Shea McGee master closet with laundry room transformation
(Image credit: Design: Studio McGee, Photography: Kate Osborne)

This master closet has to be one of our favorite transformations from Studio McGee's Dream Home Makeover. Sometimes, everything just comes together in a perfect way – the design, the choice of color and materials, and the functionality of the resulting space. But even more that the gorgeous design, this master closet, part of the Riverbottoms Remodel featured in Season 2, has one of the smartest additions we've ever seen: a laundry room. Talk about efficiency. 

As Shea explains in the webisode and on her blog,  her client wanted a master closet and laundry room in one – 'I didn't even know that was an option', she says, 'but now I want a washer dryer in our closet!' It really is a great idea, because it's a laundry room, vanity/walk-in closet, and clothes storage idea in one space, without having to move rooms. 

'Small spaces are the perfect place to make a statement', Shea adds. Originally, this room was just a standard walk-in closet, so the team 'took down two walls to create a large and spacious room.' Shea explains that 'in a small space, you'll never be take aback by how grand it is, so you have to do other things'. This closet had a total redesign with a bold sage green color, a statement plaid carpet, and bold lighting.

Studio McGee master closet with laundry room

(Image credit: Design: Studio McGee, Photography: Kate Osborne)

The resulting space is glamorous and really stands out, not least thanks to the amazing centerpiece island that can be used for folding clothes, setting out jewelry, or getting ready – it also has a matching vanity in the same room. The thick marble-effect top creates a modern look that allows to blend the client's 'modern and casual style' with the home's traditional architecture. It almost has the luxury Shaker kitchen look, which is what makes this room one of the most unforgettable walk-in closet ideas ever.

'When we're talking about a dream closet, this is definitely one of them', says Shea. It's multi-functional, spacious, 'and on top of it all, it looks really beautiful.' 

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