Here's where most moms hide clutter when surprise visitors come over, according to a new poll

Despite what Instagram may suggest, we've all got a cluttered corner

bedroom with dressing table with drawers and a chair
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A new home trend report, titled the Head & Home Space Quotient, has delved into what exactly drives the home design and decor choices of moms across the US. 

A total of 1,000 moms answered a series of questions about how they use their homes - including where they stash clutter when impromptu guests drop by.

The report, conducted by online retailer Zulily, reveals that the number one go-to place for hiding clutter was the closet. That said, the basement, under the bed, and the laundry room were also popular choices.

laundry room with storage shelves and cupboards

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It may not come as a surprise to you that one of the key take-homes from the report was that many of us are constantly battling clutter. Ultimately, it confirmed what we already know - that you can simply never have too much storage.

70% of moms agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, 'The lesser seen spaces of my home are really at catchall for clutter.' Like Monica's cupboard of no return in Friends, we all (or at least a large proportion of us) need somewhere to quickly hide things out of sight.

Social media can make it feel like we live in a world of ultra-organized fridges stacked with clear containers with homemade labels. Books are organized by color rather than theme and clothes folded with such prowess that they take up next to no space.

blue wardrobe

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So there's something reassuring about the fact that so many of us have a space in our homes where categories go out the window. Who doesn't have a chaotic drawer somewhere in their kitchen filled with half-used batteries and chopsticks? 

Here's the full rundown of where moms are most likely to hide clutter when they have unexpected guests arrive:

44% say in a closet

14% say in the basement

11% say in the kids’ room

9% say under the bed

9% say in the garage

7% say in the laundry room

clothes storage

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If you're getting the decluttering urge but aren't sure where to begin, hotfoot to our closet organization ideas piece. Meanwhile, if the heart of your home is overflowing with utensils, pots and pans, and recipe books, head to our kitchen storage ideas gallery.

We're definitely guilty of using extra space in the closet to put those items we rarely use but can't quite bring ourselves to get rid of. But it's good to know we're not alone.

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