Renters! This bamboo flooring is affordable, eco-friendly – and super easy to fit

Revamping your living room, bedroom or maybe even your entire home? This bamboo flooring from Home Depot is a fab eco-friendly option and prices start at $1.89 per square foot...

Bamboo Flooring: Hand Scraped Strand Woven Sahara
(Image credit: Home Depot)

Bamboo flooring not only looks good, is highly practical and cost effective, it's environmentally friendly, too. So if you're remodeling but are yet to find your dream floor, why not take a look? To save you some legwork, we've trawled Home Depot and picked out our top bamboo floor finds.

Think a darker look is more stylish? Or do you you prefer a warm chestnut vibe? Whatever, we've found something for every home, no matter your budget. All the options below work with a click-clack mechanism, which means they piece together (similar to a jigsaw) and float from one edge to another. This type of flooring is also easy and quick to fit.

Why not visit our flooring hub page for more recommendations and buying tips? Otherwise, scroll for our fave picks.

HS Strand Woven Cadence Bamboo Flooring

(Image credit: Home Depot)

We love the HS Strand Woven Cadence Bamboo Flooring. Why? It's dark, so an ideal option for those who want something balance out light-colored kitchen units. Plus, dark colors hide mess and scuffs more readily. It's also water resistant, scratch resistant AND it's super-cheap at $2.99 per square foot. We think it's perfect for hallways and living spaces, too.

Dovetail Gray Bamboo Flooring

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Those going for a rough-around-the-edges industrial-vibe in their home may be drawn to the Dovetail Gray Bamboo Flooring above. It comes in five more colors, it looks a lot like real wood and much like other options, it's water resistant, too. This flooring starts from $3.17 per square foot.

Hand Scraped Strand Woven Sahara Bamboo Flooring

(Image credit: Home Depot)

The Hand Scraped Strand Woven Sahara Bamboo Flooring above is our fave pick for those who are looking for something to lay throughout their entire home since it's super durable. It's scratch and dent resistant – this is thanks to the fact it has seven layers of aluminum oxide protecting it from every day wear. It's also perfectly dark and its scraped chestnut finish adds character. All for $2.79 per square foot.

Charcoal Bamboo Flooring

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Although this flooring is available in five more colors, we love the Charcoal Bamboo Flooring (above) – perfect for those who are revamping a minimalist or modern home, its brushed design adds a splash of character to a bedroom (or an entire home). It's also water resistant and easy to fit. It's priced at $3.17 per square foot, too.

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