6 best wooden floor cleaners

Get those floorboards flawless and that parquet pristine with our list of the best wooden floor cleaners

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If you've opted for wooden flooring in your home, it's important to know how best to clean and maintain it in order to maximise longevity. In many cases this amounts to something as simple as finding the best wooden floor cleaner for the job.

Not sure where to start? No fear, we've got you covered with our selection of the best wooden floor cleaners on the market – find everything from pet friendly options to solutions that won't damage the environment.

For more info and advice, here's all you need to know about cleaning hardwood floors. Once you're done, visit our cleaning sourcebook to keep your home sparkling.


Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Spray

1. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Spray

A bona fide streakless cleaner for a flawless finish, this is our pick of the best wooden floor cleaner you can buy

Best for: Streakless cleaning
Size: 1 litre
Type: Spray
Suitable for: All wooden floors
Reasons to buy
+ Non-slippy, streakless finish + Quick and effective 

Available in both a one litre spray and four litre pourable cleaner, Bona Wood Floor Cleaner can be used for both small touch-ups and all-over jobs. Reviewers reported a quick and economical clean with no residue or streaks on either engineered or hardwood floors and say the resulting effect is less mirror-shine and more soft sheen.


Rejuvenate Floor Restorer

2. Rejuvenate Floor Restorer

For floors that look as good as new, this multi-talented cleaner and restorer is tops

Best for: Restoring
Size: 450ml
Type: Screw cap bottle
Suitable for: Hardwood and laminated
Reasons to buy
+ Fills in small scratches + Cleans, polishes and protects 

While Bona’s floor cleaner spray is our top pick for maintenance and touch-ups, this Rejuvenate Floor Restorer comes a very close second for its ability to bring past-their-best boards back to life. As well as cleaning, buffing and adding a protective layer to wood, ceramic tile, marble, slate and linoleum floors, this clever cleaner fills small surface scratches on well-loved areas of flooring, and users say it’s just as easy as giving it a quick mop with water. 

Fiddes Floor Surface Cleaner

3. Fiddes Floor Surface Cleaner

A non-abrasive cleaner for beautifully finished floors

Best for: Maintenance of polished floors
Size: 1 litre
Type: Screw cap bottle
Suitable for: Oiled, varnished, lacquered and waxed floors
Reasons to buy
+ Suitable for use on all floor finishes + Low on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) 

Specially formulated to give a gentle, non-abrasive clean on oiled, varnished, lacquered and waxed wooden floors, the Fiddes floor cleaner promises a thorough clean without any harshness or damage to natural finish of hardwood floors. We'd recommend this product as the best wooden floor cleaner if you're wary of the results of cleaning a wooden floor.

Osmo Wash & Care Floor Cleaner

4. Osmo Wash & Care Floor Cleaner

Softly, softly: this cleaner takes the kind approach to floors that need a little love

Best for: Refreshing surfaces
Size: 1 litre
Type: Screw cap bottle
Suitable for: Lacquered wood
Reasons to buy
+ Gentle on polished floors + Effectively lifts dirt 

Not too dissimilar from our previous pick from Fiddes, this gentle, non-disruptive floor cleaner from Osmo is recommended for waxed and oiled wooden floors. Reviewers were impressed by its effectiveness – specifically its ability to lift dirt out of real wood floors in high traffic areas – as well as its mildness, with sensitive users remarking that it didn’t sting their skin or eyes while using. 

Fiddes has the slight edge for its rinse-free formula, but if you like the finishing touch of a quick mop-and-bucket go-over, this is a great alternative. 

Parker & Bailey Wood Floor Cleaner

5. Parker & Bailey Wood Floor Cleaner

Harness the power of vinegar (among other things) for beautifully clean floors

Best for: Lifting dirt
Size: 651ml
Type: Spray
Suitable for: Hardwood and laminated
Reasons to buy
+ Sees off scuff marks + Naturally-derived ingredients 

Harness the power of naturally-derived cleaners for an Earth-friendly effect that doesn’t skimp on the efficacy. Testers over at Good Housekeeping found it was particularly good at removing scuff marks and loved its spray bottle for easy dispensing. For more eco-friendly cleaning, see our final pick below. 

Dr Bronner's Organic Sal Suds

6. Dr Bronner's Organic Sal Suds

These do-everything suds are pure general practice

Best for: General household cleaning
Size: 909ml
Type: Screw cap bottle
Suitable for: Hardwood
Reasons to buy
+ Biodegradable, organic and mild + Enormously versatile 

A ‘concentrated hard-surface all-purpose cleaner’, Sal Suds by Dr Bronner are a great option if you have a combination of wooden and tiled floors and want a one-product-fits-all cleaner.

Organic and with a mild formula, it's a great option if you're environmentally conscious or for those with sensitive skin or asthma set off by harsh chemical cleaners. All in all, this is our top pick of the best wooden floor cleaner if you're eco-conscious.

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