This bathroom color will reduce your home value, according to experts

It may be one of the most popular bathroom colors on social media, but be careful with it if you're selling

Black and pink tiled bathroom with black sink by Original Style
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It's trendy, it's young, will reduce the value of your home. This bathroom color may be rocking on social media right now, but real estate experts are warning homeowners against getting carried away with the pink bathroom trend. It may look amazing on your Insta account, but when it comes to selling your home, buyers will not be impressed. It's best to look into other bathroom color ideas if you want to maximize your home's resale value. 

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Pink bathrooms get millions of views on Instagram and TikTok – there undoubtedly is something very pleasing about a bathroom wall or vanity painted or tiled in a warm pink shade. However, what we like looking at doesn't seem to translated into what we actually would want in our own home. Once it comes to purchasing a home, buyers appear to think of a pink bathroom as a costly blunder that needs to be fixed rather than a desirable look. 

Pink has been named as a tricky or 'hard-sell' color by experts at Family Handyman: 'Pink can be a struggle. Too light and it feels sickly-sweet. Too muddy, and you guessed it—dirty.' In a bathroom, pink can look dated, reminding many buyers of 1950s pastel bathrooms, even if the seller has spent money on quality bathroom tile ideas and fixtures. 

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Real estate agent Samuel DeMass from Albuquerque, was so despairing of having to sell a home with a pink bathroom that he took to an internet forum for ideas on whether getting the bathroom completely replaced might be a good idea: 'I have a flip that I'm rehabbing and I keep scratching my head when I look at this PINK bathroom.  The whole theme is pink to include the toilet and the tub. I'm considering leaving it and taking a hit on the selling price.  It's in fair shape, and I'm concerned that if I spend the money to rehab it, I may not get my money back out of it.'

Samuel got a range of responses with anything from tips on cheaply repainting the bathtub and replacing the toilet to just rolling with the pink theme and hoping there would be a buyer who wouldn't mind. 

Basically, it comes down to this: pink bathrooms are a risk. Replacing a bathroom can cost upwards of $10,000, especially if we're talking a whole remodel including tiling, tub, and more. A paint job is easier to fix but could still be off-putting to buyers (a Zillow paint color analysis previously found that even a kid's bedroom painted pink would knock off $200 off a home price). 

So, give the baby pink bathroom a miss – and consider decorating it in a relaxing grey or blue color scheme instead. There are plenty of elegant and grown-up grey bathroom ideas in our gallery.

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