Parents! Aldi has just added to its garden play kit!

Aldi is here to put a grin on your little ones' faces with these fab outdoor play buys

aldi garden pirate ship playhouse
(Image credit: Aldi)

Aldi has stocked up on some new outdoor play kit for kids and we're confident it's going to encourage hours of fun in your garden this summer! On a budget and looking to put a smile on your little ones' faces? There's everything from football goals and badminton sets for the mini sportspeople and paddling pools and baking activity sets for the aspiring chefs among them! 

So make this summer staycation one to remember for the whole family by transforming your garden into a haven for fun (for the kids) and relaxation (for you).

We've got a whole load of ideas over on our garden ideas feature. Check it out! However, for now, keep scrolling and get clicking because these buys won't be around for long! 

1. Pop-Up Football Goal 2 Pack, £14.99

pup up football goal Aldi

(Image credit: Aldi)

Parent to the future Cristiano Ronaldo? You're going to need this pack of two pop up and portable football goals, guaranteed to make every outdoor play session a great time! Kept in check by eight steel pegs, these goals also come with a target sheet with five scoring holes! Score!

Pop-Up Football Goal 2 Pack, £14.99

2. Pirate Galleon Wooden Playhouse, £349.99

aldi garden pirate ship playhouse

(Image credit: Aldi)

The price may look crazy at first sight but think about how much use this playhouse of dreams will get from the moment your little ones lock eyes on it! This pirate ship playhouse is the ultimate kids den, with a ship's wheel, seating and a multi-level design so that your crew of little ones and their friends can all enjoy the fun! Sustainably sourced wood for peace of parents' mind and a gangplank, bench, ships wheel and flags to keep the kids' imagination running wild, this playhouse is a worthwhile investment!

Pirate Galleon Wooden Playhouse, £349.99

3. Build 'n' Play Sandbox, £29.99

Aldi build n play sandbox outdoor play

(Image credit: Aldi)

So, how does this sandbox work? It's modular and can be easily snapped together and apart, making for a fun assembly bonding time. The sealed water canal along the top of the sandbox lets your little ones play with water easily while spillages are kept to a minimum by the fabric floor liner that's also attached. 

Build 'n' Play Sandbox, £29.99

4. Mickey Mouse 3 Ring Garden Pool, £5.99

Mickey Mouse inflatable paddling pool for kids

(Image credit: Aldi)

Having a kids' paddling pool in your garden in the summer months pretty much makes your house the place to be for your little ones and all of their friends... so be warned that this £5.99 buy is a metaphorical magnet! The Mickey Mouse design is cute and fun and  and the capacity is approximately 140L. 

Mickey Mouse 3 Ring Garden Pool, £5.99

5. Inflatable Four To Score Game, £7.99

Aldi inflatable four by four game

(Image credit: Aldi)

Look at the size of that four to score inflatable game and tell us it's not the perfect buy to encourage outdoor play and brain stimulation... simultaneously. There really is something for everyone right now at Aldi and this game sums it up, making it easy for everyone to get together and sit out in the sunshine. The instructions are included as are 24 balls and obviously the inflatable game board! 

Inflatable Four To Score Game, £7.99

6. Kids' Activity Kits, £9.98

Aldi kids activity sets and books baking and kitchen

(Image credit: Aldi)

We've been kind of living for mud kitchens recently, loving the fact that they encourage your mucky pups to get organised in a fun and creative way! This activity kit set comes with a baking kit and a mud kitchen kit. What's more, they come prepared with a wooden spoon, an apron, a tin pie dish, paper decorations, measuring cups, a spatula AND a 48 page cookery book. What more could you ask for!?

Kids' Activity Kits, £9.98

7. Blue Speed Badminton Set, £9.99

Aldi kids speed badminton rackets

(Image credit: Aldi)

This badminton set comes with two rackets, five shuttlecocks, a carry bag and eight plastic cones, allowing you to mark out your match without need for a net. The rackets are comfortable to grip and the fact it comes with a carry bag makes it ideal for transportation... meaning it will probably follow your badminton loving little one wherever they go! 

Blue Speed Badminton Set, £9.99

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