New Fitbit Sleep Score will help you learn to sleep better

The Fitbit Sleep Score reveals everything you need to know about your daily sleep patterns so you can learn to sleep better

Fitbit Sleep Score: Fitbit Versa Lite
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The new Fitbit Sleep Score is the latest Fitbit app update to help you monitor your sleep patterns. In addition to tracking how many hours sleep you’ve had each night, it also measures how good that sleep was. 

We all know how important sleep is to both our mental and physical well-being, and increasing the amount of good-quality sleep you get can have a huge impact on things such as your energy levels, weight and mood. Tracking your sleep can help you develop an insight into your daily sleep patterns, revealing if there are specific nights where you tend to sleep better than others, for example. 

The more you learn about your sleep patterns, the easier it is to make simple improvements to your lifestyle, such as changing the time you go to bed, when you eat your evening meal or even how close to bedtime you exercise, all with the aim of sleeping better and feeling fitter.

Image of sleep analysis on a Fitbit

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The Fitbit app already measures the number of hours sleep you get each night to see if you reach the gold standard of eight hours, and the handy graphic breaks it down into the various sleep phases, such as light sleep, REM sleep and deep sleep, as well as all those pesky minutes when you’ve been lying awake, no doubt thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list at work.

Image of sleep analysis on a Fitbit

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If you're using a heart-rate monitor Fitbit, the latest update to the app now makes it even easier to see just how good (or bad) a night's sleep you've had. By monitoring your heart rate, your sleep stages and the time you spend asleep or restless, the new Fitbit Sleep Score function gives your sleep an overall rating out of 100 and displays it in the app. At a glance, you can check your daily scores and see how your week of sleep stacks up. 

To see your Sleep Score, simply wear your heart-rate monitor Fitbit to bed and then sync it to your device in the morning when you wake up. In the Fitbit app, tap the Today tab, then the Sleep tile and your score will be displayed on the sleep log. 

Graphic of Fitbit Sleep Score app

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Fitbit Sleep Score ratings

  • Excellent 90-100
  • Good 80-89
  • Fair 60-79
  • Poor Less than 60


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