The genius IKEA hack you missed on Netflix's Motel Makeover

It's such a smart way to make an Instagrammable room - with loads of storage

bedroom from Motel Makeover with IKEA hack headboard
(Image credit: The June Motel)

Motel Makeover had everything we could ever want from a Netflix series. Interiors inspo galore - and the chance to be a fly on the wall as two people open up a motel at the very moment 2020 became 'unprecedented times'.

One thing we didn't realize was how much Scandinavian powerhouse IKEA features in The June Motel's bedrooms. It turns out founders April and Sarah are as big fans of an IKEA hack as the rest of us.

Motel Makeover IKEA headboard hack

bedroom from Motel Makeover

(Image credit: The June Motel)

'We're pretty big IKEA fans, and we love a good IKEA hack to create a one-of-a-kind space on a budget,' they say on their blog. 'One of our proudest moments was pairing a custom tambour headboard with one of our favourite IKEA bed bases.'

The friends and business partners used some classic IKEA beds that have loads of storage drawers underneath, and jazzed them up with DIY headboards. They made these with tambour strips, available in red oak or maple.

The wooden strips are perfect for introducing natural materials, warm wood tones and general beachy vibes into your space. If you can, follow April and Sarah's example and cover the entire wall behind your bed in this wooden material.


motel makeover bedroom before makeover

(Image credit: Netflix)

As the 'before' picture above demonstrates, the expanse of wood elongates the room, making it feel far more spacious. What's more, the vertical lines draw the eye upwards, creating a feeling of height. 

In fact, introducing wall panelling ideas of any kind is a brilliant way of bringing a feeling of heritage to a space. The famous moteliers from The June have accessorized their wooden headboards by placing retro prints like this black and white beach photo on the top.

They have also used pink, abstract wallpaper and crisp white sheets. The specific 'NORDLI' IKEA beds they used are pretty inexpensive at $399.99.


bedroom from Motel Makeover

(Image credit: The June Motel)

These fuss-free double beds are among the best beds out there when it comes to storage and practicality, giving guests ample space to put their holiday clothes, shoes and makeup.

The handy under-bed storage means the rooms are Insta-ready - and far more relaxing with clutter stowed away. Have you been inspired to make your own wooden headboard?

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