Motel Makeover's April and Sarah share controversial home decor tip

If you haven't watched any of it yet, you *need* to

Motel Makeover cast April, Courtney and Sarah
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Motel Makeover on Netflix has been bringing us plenty of interior inspo lately, from peachy color palettes to bar cart styling. On the show, friends and business partners Sarah and April live out their own real-life version of Schitt's Creek, as they transform a run-down motel in Sauble Beach, Ontario, into the perfect place for a girls' getaway.

In the second episode, titled 'Good Vibes Only,' they reveal that they much prefer decorating with faux plants rather than attempting to keep their best indoor plants alive. 

Motel Makeover star hanging a houseplant

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'We love decorating and designing with plants. They're an easy way to bring some color, shape and life into a space - but, a lot of work,' says Sarah. 

'So we favor faux plants.' The motelier and co-founder of The June motel mentions that she's read studies that prove that looking at plants - real or fake - has a calming effect.

While out plant shopping, April and Sarah opt for one large, statement plant to go in the corner of a bedroom in the motel, and one small and decorative plant for the bathroom. Houseplants are everywhere in their designs, leafy greenery draped over open kitchen shelving, hanging down from the ceiling or resting on coffee table books.

living space from motel makeover

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Wilting houseplants would definitely not contribute towards The June's good vibes, but fake plants often get a bad rep. We asked Real Homes UK shopping editor Annie Collyer for her thoughts.

'I think faux plants are great – especially if you are like me and forever forget to water your green friends,' says Annie. 'Also, they can be brilliant for otherwise dark homes or rooms, such as window-less bathrooms. 

'They are a simple and fuss-free way to bring the outside in, no matter the circumstance,' she adds. 'Plus, faux plants are safe to place around pets! Winning.'

motel makeover cast sarah, april and courtney

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That said, there are lots of low-maintenance plants out there that we really do think anyone can learn how to care for houseplants. We all make mistakes, over-watering and over-loving our plants to begin with.

Caring for them forces us to take some quiet time to water, dust, feed and trim plants we've managed to keep alive. Of course, if like April and Sarah you've got two dozen bedrooms to take care of, each with different plants, it would be a seriously mammoth task...

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