Philips Hue smart lighting is on sale – get yours now

Get your hands on the best smart lighting around – Philips Hue is now on offer at John Lewis

Smart lighting: philips hue starter kit
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If you're looking to expand your smart home system, we'd recommend investing in smart lighting – with the best smart bulbs as your easiest first step. Why? Because they're versatile, easy to set-up and will give your home an impressively futuristic feel. 

Far from being a totally unnecessary gimmick, smart bulbs – and especially those from Philips Hue, which are our top rated option – can totally transform the ambience of your home. Plus, they make for a pretty nifty home security solution if you're looking to beef up your approach to protecting your property.

That's right, if you're heading away from home, it's possible to set lighting schedules that give the impression that someone's home, even if they're not. This has been proven to deter criminal opportunists and feels less invasive than installing smart cameras.

If you're really into film or gaming, it's also possible to connect your smart lighting to your TV and set your bulbs to mimic the on-screen action. The same can be achieved for music buffs too, allowing you to achieve the ultimate ambience.

Now that we've told you exactly why you need Philips Hue smart bulbs, we'll tell you exactly where you should buy them. John Lewis. This coveted smart lighting is currently on offer, with discounts on bulbs, starter kits and more. Shop the full range. Or check out our favourites, below...

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