Looking for a coffee machine? Get top tips from a John Lewis expert

Pick a coffee machine that will deliver the drinks you prefer with essential advice from a John Lewis expert

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Want to know one of the top places to shop when you’re looking for a coffee machine? We’re big fans of John Lewis & Partners. The store offers a brilliant range online as well as in store, and the partners – that’s the John Lewis staff – are product experts so you can trust their advice and recommendations.

We’ve been enjoying this knowhow in our series, which has covered all the must-have home buys, and now we’re taking advantage of expertise from John Lewis on coffee machines.

You can find the best coffee machine in our guide, along with more buying tips. For the coffee machine savvy of an expert, just scroll down, where you’ll find invaluable advice along with today’s top deals.

Coffee machine buying advice from John Lewis

Georgina Parrott, Partner & Assistant Buyer, Small Electrical, John Lewis & Partners offers this essential advice:

1. Check out every type of coffee machine

‘When you’re thinking about choosing a coffee machine, it’s good to look at a wide range of appliances. We can start with the basic espresso/stovetop makers. These are great for coffee-for-one and are easy to use with just ground coffee and water. They’re actually quite attractive to have as an appliance in your kitchen.’

2. Consider the convenience of capsules

‘The next step up would be a capsule machine. They’re easy to use, great for a compact kitchen and the coffees are very tasty. They offer the ability to make flat whites and lattes as well as your standard americano.’

3. Be your own barista

‘Bean-to-cup machines are incredibly popular for the at-home barista. These machines allow you to grind your own beans, enabling you to create a truly tasty cup of coffee as fresh as you can get at home.’

4. Get hands on with a pump machine

‘We also offer pump machines – you may be more familiar with these in coffee shops. These machines are definitely more hands on, grinding and tamping your own coffee like a professional. These machines are a little more high-end but have a very sleek look for your kitchen counter and will definitely impress your guests.’

Today’s best coffee machine deals at John Lewis

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