Like cheap appliances? Here's 5 you should never buy

If you like getting your money's worth then here are five cheap appliances worth avoiding, and where you can get the best from

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Heard of the saying 'buy cheap, buy twice'? Well, cheap appliances can often fall victim to this category (although NOT if a bargain when they are, for example, in the Black Friday sale, which isn't too far away now).

It's natural to look for a bargain, and gosh don't we know it, but when it comes to appliances you should always be willing to spend as much as your money can stretch to, even if it means saving for that bit longer. Appliances are not only the heavy-weights in the kitchen, they are can often take a heavy chunk out of the wallet so it's important that you get the right machine for you which you will feel confident with.

Prominence Support – who offer cover for mechanical and electrical breakdowns as well as accidental damage cover on appliances – have shared their expertise with us about the five appliances you should never buy on the cheap. Keep scrolling to see what they are, and where you can get the best of the best of each sort of appliance.

1. A cheap washing machine

Washing machines are a vital appliance for any home. When buying one, you may want to consider how durable they are, how easy they might be to fix should anything go wrong, and if they are environmentally friendly. A cheap washing machine is more likely to score poorly on each of these points. They are more likely to break down sooner and are not easy to service, so saving on the initial purchase may mean you are paying out for a replacement before long. Best option? Buy one on our list, below.

2. A cheap fridge

Buying a good-quality fridge is so important, as a broken fridge can also mean a lot of food wastage if a quick repair is not possible. Buying a cheap fridge may also mean running the risk of higher food shopping costs, as it may not keep your produce as fresh as a high-quality product.

3. A cheap oven

If you’re a family that likes to cook every day, buying a cheap oven could add a lot of unnecessary stress and additional hours onto mealtimes in your kitchen. In addition, a cheap oven with a higher propensity for faults and breakdowns could leave you without the ability to cook for a substantial period, disrupting your daily routine and racking up expense.

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4. A cheap boiler

Your boiler is your principal source of heat and comfort at home, making it vital to invest in a good-quality product. Cheap boilers are often not very efficient, meaning you could be faced with expensive energy bills. They often come with shorter warranty periods and can be a noisier and bulkier presence in the home than pricier models.

5. A cheap dishwasher

If you buy a cheap dishwasher you are likely to sacrifice many of the handy options and programs offered by more expensive products, such as lower temperature washes for delicate glassware, child locks, and silent modes. What’s more, as with any cheap appliance you run the risk of being saddled with an unreliable product needing frequent repairs or replacement parts, which can be difficult to source in older models.

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