Lidl is selling this bread maker at a fraction of its usual price

Get this Lidl bread maker before the rush starts...

Lidl Russell Hobbs breadmaker
(Image credit: Lidl)

Lidl has just dropped this Russell Hobbs bread maker on to its website with a budget price tag you dough not want to miss (sorry, we had to). This has been the year of home cooking and bread-making and for anyone who missed out the first time around, a bread maker is a must have for autumn/winter 2020. Especially if we go back into lockdown.  

There's nothing quite like the smell, taste and feel of freshly baked bread... the ultimate piece of luxury kitchen kit. What's more, this Russell Hobbs breadmaker has a reputation for being able to do just about everything. From crust control to an LCD display to make the baking experience easy and quick. So, discovering this breadmaker with over 20 per cent at Lidl... We kind of KNEAD it... (last one, we promise.) 

This breadmaker is super efficient with 12 programmes, meaning that no kneading by hand or oven baking is required. Enjoy bakery-worthy bread in just 55 minutes, with no elbow grease.

lidl Russell hobbs breadmaker open

(Image credit: Lidl)

Russell Hobbs Compact Breadmaker, Was £64.99, Now £49.99

The fast bake function on this breadmaker is what really sells it to us. The idea of whipping up a loaf of bread in 55 minutes makes the whole process seem a whole lot less daunting. Oh, and there are gluten free and whole wheat functions included in the 12 programmes! What's more, the 13-hour delay bake function means you can sleep soundly knowing you'll be waking up to warm freshly baked bread. Can't get to it right away? Not to worry, there's a keep-warm function. Not even power cuts can get in the way as this piece of kit features a seven minute power cut-off memory function!

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