Before and after: a useless corner transformed into a fun kids play house

This is proof you don't need a separate room for your kids to play

kids play area in the corner of a living room
(Image credit: @rosemounthouse)

We’re not all lucky enough to have a designated playroom to hide away all the kids paraphernalia, but you can create a play zone that works just as well. This genius design by Emma @rosemounthouse grabbed our attention for its simplicity. All you need is an empty corner, some masking tape and a little imagination. 

When planning your kids play area, it's so important to consider where in the house is the most practical spot. Next to your home office, right by the front door or at the top of the stairs are obvious no-goes, but a spare corner near the kitchen or living room would be ideal. 

And that's exactly what Emma chose. Her whole home is bursting with pretty, creative and charming decorating ideas, but this little corner has us head over heels. We've chatted to Emma to find out how she created this little play corner of dreams. 

The before

before shot of living room

(Image credit: @rosemounthouse)

This large living room was bland and underused. Emma's home is full of big rooms, but there wasn't enough space for a designated and separate playroom. While the dream of being able to shut the door on all the noise and colourful plastic toys may not have been possible, Emma decided to get creative with the space she had. By taking one corner of this room and giving it a separate purpose from the rest of the space, Emma's created an open-plan feel, and the result is pretty impressive. 

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The after 

play area in the corner of a living room with a masking tape play house

(Image credit: @rosemoounthouse)

How cute is this? This mini room within a room is a great way for the kids to have a play space downstairs that they can call their own, plus it's easy for you to keep an eye on them. 

And it's so simple to create the look. Emma pencilled the basic shape of a play house directly onto her wall. You could go as big or as small as you like, depending on the size of your space. 

Once she'd mapped out the perfect outline, Emma applied masking tape in simple straight lines, ensuring to press down hard to avoid any air bubbles or creases. The wall panelling was particularly useful here as it provided clear straight lines to act as a guide, but you could use a ruler or measuring tape for this. 

Once the outline is in place, you can really get creative. Emma used decorative stickers on the walls to create a fun and whimsical feel, but you could go wild and stick on doors and windows, or even a garden, to bring that playhouse feel to life. 

We love Emma's little play kitchen and dining set, but fill the house with whatever you have already. Sit back and let them love their new little home, while you can hopefully have some peace and quiet. 

And it's practical too – when your kids grow out of playing house (sob!), you can simply peel off the tape and your wall is restored - no extra painting necessary! That gets a big thumbs up from us. 

Amelia Smith
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