Kate Moss' favorite Diptyque candle is the perfect scent for Christmas and beyond

Kate Moss' Diptyque candle will make any home feel warm and inviting

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Kate Moss' Diptyque candle has a delicious scent that's so fruity and festive. In a recent interview with Sheerluxe on Instagram, she revealed that her favorite candle brand is Diptyque and had her top pick glowing right next to her.

Kate is known for being a famous model in the '90s and '00s, with famous campaigns including ones with Calvin Klein, Burberry, and YSL. Oh, and who could forget her iconic Glastonbury outfits? She certainly knows how to serve a look — and it turns out she knows how to make her space smell utterly delicious, too.

If you're looking for the best candles and think this celeb-approved scent could be the one for you, I've got you. I sought out Kate Moss' favorite candle that featured on Sheerluxe's Instagram reel with her, found out why Diptyque's fruity scents are so brilliant, plus picked out three other zesty candles that are a little less expensive.

Kate Moss' favorite Diptyque candle

Want to know where to shop Kate Moss' Diptyque home fragrance? I've scouted it out, as well as rounded up three budget-friendly alternatives.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article. 

Where to buy Kate Moss' favorite candle

Drum roll please... Kate Moss' go-to Christmas candle is Diptyque's Oranger (Orange Tree) candle. If you're looking for a seasonal scent that's warm and inviting, this orange fragrance is a delicious choice. With notes of candied zest of bittersweet orange, it's reminiscent of marmalade jam. The cheapest place we've found it at is actually Diptyque itself, where it's $74 right now.

Diptyque Oranger Classic Candle

Diptyque Oranger Classic Candle

Burn time: 50 hours
Size: 6.7 oz
Scent: Sweet
Wax: Paraffin
Price: $74

If you love festive scents but want something that smells sophisticated, this luxe candle is a brilliant choice. It can fill any sized room, but we think it would work especially well for making a small space nice-smelling. Its simple and sleek vessel will also add elegance to your room's decor.

Why Diptyque candles are so popular

Not only are celebs like Kate Moss big fans of Diptyque, but its fruity fragrances are well-known for being strong and long-lasting. I don't have any Diptyque scents yet, so I asked our head of ecommerce Christina Chrysostomou who has tried them what makes them so special. “When it comes to fruit and nature-inspired scents, Diptyque dominates the world of home fragrance, and it seems celebs can't get enough of the brand,” she says.  

Christina Chrysostomou selfie
Christina Chrysostomou

Christina is the head of ecommerce here at Real Homes. She has tried out numerous home appliances and decor throughout her time here, including two of Diptyque's most popular scents: Figuer and Citronelle.

Other celebs who love the brand include Victoria Beckham and Megan Markle, who are known to rate the Baies scent at Diptyque. VB also infuses Figuier — a herbaceous fig leaf-inspired scent — around her home in the form of candles (Figuier candles are available at Diptyque). “I actually managed to grab a sample of this popular wax light that's loved by Posh Spice, and it took me back to balmy holidays in Cyprus where fertile trees take over the island,” adds Christina.

Just like Kate Moss, Christina’s number one Diptyque candle is also a citrusy scent. “My favorite has to be the limited edition Citronelle scent at Space NK, which is heavy on orange blossom and is a nod to my Mediterranean roots.” 

Citrus scents are refreshing all-year-round fragrances, making them a smart choice to go for if you are investing in a candle. Christina also adds that citrussy notes generally have the added benefit of repelling and getting rid of mosquitoes, so she recommends stocking up now for the summer. Whether you’re looking for a cozy winter candle or a refreshing summer scent, zesty candles like orange ones are the way to go.

3 budget-friendly alternatives to Kate Moss' Diptyque candle

Love the idea of bringing an orangey scent into your home, but don't want to spend $74 on a candle? Here are three similar scents that are also gorgeous and smell delicious, too.

Whether you decide to go for Kate Moss' candle or another zesty scent, be sure to leave it to burn for 2-3 hours when first lighting to prevent tunneling, so you can make the most out of your buy. Trimming the wick each time will also prolong the life of the candle.

Looking for even more seasonal fragrances? These Christmas reed diffusers are also festively scented, and unlike a candle, you can leave them to do their thing all day long.

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