John Lewis's weighted blanket is the answer to all your stress*

*No promises – a weighted blanket isn't going to reduce your mammoth to-do list, but it could help calm anxieties and help you sleep

John Lewis weighted blanket
(Image credit: John Lewis)

Weighted blankets are getting a lot of hype at the moment. Probably because we are living through a very anxiety-inducing time right now and any form of stress relief, even if that comes in the form of a blanket filled with glass beads, is welcome. 

We've already sung their praises and marvelled at their anxiety-reducing abilities, so it was no surprise to us that John Lewis have jumped on the bandwagon and launched their own...

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John Lewis's weighted blanket offering is made from pure cotton so it's super soft and filled with tiny glass beads that give the blanket an even weight. The idea behind it is to create a gentle pressure and induce a feeling of calm and –  in a non-scary way – they also stop you moving as much in your sleep, so you aren't as likely to get restless. They aren't just for sleep either. You can keep one over your sofa; they have a similar effect if you wrap them around your shoulders or lay it over your legs. 

John Lewis weighted blanket

(Image credit: John Lewis)

After increasing in popularity over in the US, John Lewis are actually the first UK high street store to stock a weighted blanket. They have brought out six different weights, ranging from 2.5kg up to 11.5kg, and the prices start from £60. 

As Unna Patel, Partner & Filled Bedding Buyer at John Lewis & Partners explains, 'The rise of social media and well being podcasts have provided inspiration around how to live a calm and peaceful life. This has encouraged many people to take a fresh approach to how they live. Investing in products which improve daily well being and quality of sleep is a growing priority for many of our customers so we have developed this product to offer a new tool for relaxation.' 

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