The new IKEA pet collection is full of your furry friends' favorite things

Raise your paw and say 'woof' if you'll be shopping the IKEA pet collection this spring

The new IKEA pet collection including a yellow plush bone and a cat tent with a fluffy brown dog holding the bone in his mouth and a cat getting into the tent on a gold and blue background
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An IKEA pet collection is on its way to provide four-legged friends with everything they need to live their best lives at home. 

UTSÅDD, as the line is formally known, will win over the hearts of furry friends and owners alike with picks like a rattan cat bed and striped dog bowls that rival your favorite dinnerware staples, to name just a few offerings. What's more, it'll all perfectly complement your Scandi-style decor. 

Without further ado, have a look at the pet accessories your fur baby soon won't be able to live without. 

Have a look at the new IKEA pet collection

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UTSÅDD, the buzzy IKEA pet collection, will officially hit shelves in April, but you can rest assured you'll find a few treats for your little nuggets (and swoon over the new IKEA trends for yourself).

"Based on the expert knowledge of veterinarians, pet product experts, and a demanding panel of cats and dogs, the UTSÅDD pet collection is a range of products truly dedicated to the life at home of pets," IKEA reps said in a statement. "Divided into the four main activities: eating, sleeping, playing, and hiding, the collection combines comfort, style, and functionality."

Consider it all Scandi decor, but for those with four legs and a tail. Dogs and cats everywhere are about to turn into major homebodies — err, homeanimals? — if they aren't already. 

A sneak peek at the selection includes a felt cat tent, checkerboard plush bones in yellow and white, fluffy dog beds, and minimalist striped blankets, but prices have yet to be revealed at the time of publication.

Since we have a feeling you'll stock up, we asked experts for cute ways to store pet essentials.

What to shop in the meantime

Even though the IKEA pet collection hasn't arrived on shelves yet, you can still shop current IKEA pet items. We've also rounded up interior buys for your pet that are just as cute as man's best friend. 

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