I’m a pet parent ⁠— these are the pet-safe cleaning products I use religiously

All the pawfect cleaning buys

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I’ve had pets my entire life. I grew up sharing my family home with our two cats, and then as soon as I moved into my own apartment after finishing college, I got two kittens of my own. Now, I share my tiny rented townhouse with a Bengal cat ⁠— who has a penchant for sprinting around in the early hours of the morning ⁠— and a Jack Russell cross who has a hyperactive streak. Though they bring a serious amount of love to my home, they also come with some rather smelly odors and a hell of a lot of messes. And any new pet owner will know the feeling of browsing the cleaning section of their grocery store with nothing but confusion in their mind ⁠and 1,000 questions to ask someone (anyone!).

Yes, you can't just use your same-old cleaning supplies to clean your home once your furry friends are present. And luckily for you, this means that over the years, I've managed to collect quite an arsenal of pet-friendly cleaning products, so I thought I would share the ones I repurchase over and over again ⁠— and that I pretty much rely on these days. No, I'm not just talking about a pet-friendly vacuum (though that definitely helps, take it from me). It’s pretty easy for me to keep the pet stank and muddy paw prints at bay now, whether they’re spread across my linoleum floors or stained into my lovely carpets. The things we do for our furry friends.

These are the 6 safe pet cleaning products I really recommend

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Note: I use these at home to clean around my pets, but I do always ensure that my windows are open when using sprays, and I will always prevent my pets from re-entering a wet area until it's dry. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

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